UK PM Johnson hospitalized +++ Japan to declare State of Emergency? | Coronavirus Update

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for the coronavirus. Johnson has been in self isolation but continues to have persistent symptoms, including a high temperature. He was taken to the hospital for tests, on the advice of his doctor. Downing Street says the admission is a precautionary measure and not an emergency.
In Japan, there's been a surge in coronavirus cases with over 1,000 infections in Tokyo alone. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has so far resisted calls to declare a state of emergency. But Japanese media are now reporting that he is preparing to do so imminently. Local authorities are already urging residents to stay at home.
Other Coronavirus news:
- More than 1.2 Mmillion people have been infected with the virus worldwide, almost twice as many as just one week ago. 69,000 have died.
- Germany reported 3,677 new infections on Monday, the fourth straight drop in daily new cases.
- In South Korea, the number of daily new coronavirus infections has dropped below 50 for the first time since late Febuary.

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  • Krishna Bagale
    Krishna BagaleMuaj më parë

    God bless

  • LGA Technologie
    LGA TechnologieMuaj më parë

    Whereas Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, all Europe and US allow foreign residents with visa to enter back, Japan will ban all residents, even permanent residents with Japanese family. All modern and industrialised nations understand that foreign residents have a right to reunite with their family but Japan just can't help it, they have to play the racist card. They want international recognition with the Olympics and so on, but they act like North Korea, they should be isolated and treated like a small clueless dictatorship.

  • Philip Turner
    Philip TurnerMuaj më parë

    Will he ever comb his hair???????

  • yeah tbh.
    yeah tbh.Muaj më parë

    Gutted nonce.

  • crystalidx
    crystalidxMuaj më parë


  • Tues. 70
    Tues. 70Muaj më parë

    But it is STILL true that the number of death toll of Japan is 80 / 126,310,000 (Japan's population) as of today...

  • Vinadelmar Vinadelmar
    Vinadelmar VinadelmarMuaj më parë

    184,383 Japanese people were infected by CORONA virus. Abe and all Japanese media lied.

  • Westlife For Life
    Westlife For LifeMuaj më parë

    We have a quarantine pass here in the Philippines. Only one per household can go out at one time to buy the essentials.

  • Ritika Chaterjea
    Ritika ChaterjeaMuaj më parë

    Use Paracetamol Tablet when u get early Signs of Diseases,I guess.Dere is nothing In Trying during this Emergency time.with how much amount u have now presently in Ur own country

  • R S
    R SMuaj më parë

    Convert china from communisum to Democratic .Not against Chanies People but against china communist party policies against mankind.

  • Ann Onymous
    Ann OnymousMuaj më parë


  • Tai Taichi
    Tai TaichiMuaj më parë

    Japan leads the world in the number of CT scanner. Japan has 107.2 CT scanners per 1 million people of its population and In Japan, The cost of CT scanning is also quite low. The cost of CT scanning in Japan is 60 dollars at most. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is soon discovered by CT scanning. In Japan ,the number of PCR tests is small, but the Use of the CT Scan has increased dramatically.

  • razpizdossasha
    razpizdossashaMuaj më parë

    when will it all end?

  • OrcaESPcode
    OrcaESPcodeMuaj më parë

    Los adolescentes de UK me parecen unos tontacos de mucho cuidado

    UNITED NATIONSMuaj më parë

    The Tokyo Marathon 2020 was held in March, and now COVID-19 ramps up after the viral incubation period. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly not only in Japan but also around the world by the Tokyo Marathon. Players from all over the world who took part in the Tokyo marathon took virus home from Japan. News from around the world reported that Sapporo Snow Festival spread coronavirus and many visitors around the world died from coronavirus. If the Japanese government made human life the top priority, Japan would have stopped international events. But Japan held the Tokyo marathon. So virus infections are increasing rapidly in Japan now.

  • Nina Kupchenko
    Nina KupchenkoMuaj më parë

    I thought he didn’t believe that the virus was deadly

  • hwheh2 beebbe

    hwheh2 beebbe

    Muaj më parë

    That's trump

  • Markian Aslam
    Markian AslamMuaj më parë

    Good news when will come for Trump Neten Yahu and modi?

  • Devashish Deva
    Devashish DevaMuaj më parë

    I think 3rd world war will start because of corona between china and other nations

  • Ted
    TedMuaj më parë

    UK PM is proving the herd immunity by himself and Sweden and Japan has been following him so far

  • trend trend
    trend trendMuaj më parë

    Shame on japan to hide the infected nbers to preserve the the real picture will come out

  • tom oman
    tom omanMuaj më parë

    Take him to kerala for better treatment

  • Fizz zz
    Fizz zzMuaj më parë

    *Japan too late. It's impossible to open Olympic even next year. You can guess almost uncountable Japanese already got coronavirus. It was crazy Japan gov tried open Olympic this year. So terrible.*

  • HeiderTV
    HeiderTVMuaj më parë

    This make me sad, desperate it is painful. I may disagree with the man political view but I as human I deeply sent my prayer for him to his family and to all patients around the world to stay strong and to survive this covid19. (Sorry for my not good English) 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 From Bozen-Italy Bless world Bless Humanity Stay HONE and fight Covid19.

  • 허틀리리노아
    허틀리리노아Muaj më parë

    It's a regrettable question, but aren't there any delays in salary payments? Cash out bonus incentives to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It will wake up immediately, and it will quickly recover from the disease. NOSA COSTRA UNION.

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.Muaj më parë

    Apple should send protective gear to the hospital instead.

  • Unidentified
    UnidentifiedMuaj më parë

    apu voice

  • Mark Deer
    Mark DeerMuaj më parë

    Poor old Doris....Speedy recovery Old Chap !!

  • Salikram Baghel
    Salikram BaghelMuaj më parë

    लहसुन का माला पहने सरसों तेल गरम करके गले में लगावे 10दिन तक

  • Sunshine R
    Sunshine RMuaj më parë

    Pray for all

  • Travel Channel - Exploring Places
    Travel Channel - Exploring PlacesMuaj më parë

    He will come back in full power soon. Who will taking care of Doctors, Nurses & other medical staff. Very sad about UK & NHS. Pathetic. Nurses are especially working at infront of corona war field.If some of those staff are having some corona symptoms. Hospital will not ready to take throat swab. Why?. NHS or others are not taking care of them. Why?. They are advicing to go to home Quarantine (self isolation). No body from NHS or Uk officials will come or call them. Why NHS or UK govt can keep then under their observation in hospital or somewhere else. Why you people are not taking responsibility. Nurses are not slaves. Please consider them. Dont say they are angels. They are also humans. They have family. Please help them. Actually if any one of that quarantine nurse complaing of breathing difficuly later. NHS adviced to that staff to call directly to ambulance number. If she/he is alive, they can call. Otherwise.... Nobody there to help that nurse. Feel sad about nurses. NHS not allowing to wear mask gloves during other time. Why. Nurses are also humans. They are not slaves. Please allow them to use mask according to their need. Nurses are also humans. They are also having feelings. Allow them to use PPE. Nurses are not slaves. They are also humans. Consider their feelings too.

    SRB SCIENTISTMuaj më parë

    They were blaming Iran government for No precautions What happened to world power leaders? They dont take measure for safety lol, Allah is there he does show , that he manages to take out criminals like the west leaders and their campaign of maximum pressure to suffer iranians people to starve to death

  • R. Sankar
    R. SankarMuaj më parë

    Who is the biggest joker in the world. Option 1 Trump option 2 Boris Johnson.

  • R. Sankar
    R. SankarMuaj më parë

    A foolish incompetent government will destroy a country.

  • Rocio De Los Angeles Alvarez Fernández
    Rocio De Los Angeles Alvarez FernándezMuaj më parë

    Nadie hace caso....y se supone que son educados......por esa necedad el virus se sigue propagando

  • Mathias Smith
    Mathias SmithMuaj më parë

    Ehat kinde of language this man speakd.

  • Edison Yee
    Edison YeeMuaj më parë

    😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 125 Nanometer made all changes for mother nature... So sad though, very very sad we leran the hard way.... things will never be the same... Shaking hands is now a thing of the past Amongst many other restaurants hotels businesses... This prove to show that no rich or poor it will attack no matter what is your status...

  • genesis vlog
    genesis vlogMuaj më parë

    hey serpent seeds this is the first day when hebrews israelites are being out one of your land for being slaves in EGYPT. this day is our independece day, and be remember always that this day also our ELOHIM shows you serpent people his POWER, and my ELOHIM killed those who hate him and not obeying his COVENANT...JUST SAY.

  • Armend Hollos
    Armend HollosMuaj më parë

    like apu

  • Paul Rice
    Paul RiceMuaj më parë

    I have been locked 🔒 down for 10 days and I am turning into a werewolf 🐺 , my facial hair is atrocious and I am a woman 👩 . What should I do?

  • Kelsey Mccollam
    Kelsey MccollamMuaj më parë

    Can I just say that tigers, although really lovely and beautiful animals, should not be getting tested for Coronavirus when thousands of people are being turned away from hospitals every day bc they don’t have enough test kits.... unless it’s a different test for animals.

  • spud brain
    spud brainMuaj më parë

    So he has taken a valuable NHS bed in intensive care purely as a precautionary measure ? If I turned up at St Thomas' hospital tomorrow 'with a temperature', would I be given a bed in intensive care as a precautionary measure ?

  • Helena Jennings
    Helena JenningsMuaj më parë

    Tell me this is a April's fools JOKE!!!!! Or a very good scary MOVIE🙄

  • john
    johnMuaj më parë

    Follow the rule but bot the nonsense rule.

  • heath cold
    heath coldMuaj më parë

    What if animals tested positive and then generate another virus to human that is deadlier than Covid19.

  • A Santi
    A SantiMuaj më parë

    Dam that lady at the end is right, being healthy is everything.

  • ford hanson
    ford hansonMuaj më parë

    Thanks dear sisters of front lines the almighty will reward your service for humanity

  • the 3rd eye
    the 3rd eyeMuaj më parë

    The tiger got it from a staff so that was a human to animal transfer--please don't go around blaming animals!

  • F Harrison
    F HarrisonMuaj më parë

    Can you imaging the political damage of him going to ICU, after he recommended herd immunity for all UK? He must really passed out then got carried into ICU ...

  • nvkulk
    nvkulkMuaj më parë

    Boris will be prone soon

  • chik2 wada
    chik2 wadaMuaj më parë

    japan has to lockdown immediately before it's too late!!!

  • Dexter Speights
    Dexter SpeightsMuaj më parë

    Contagion 2: Coming to theathers closed near you or Netfilx - NOOBODY IS IMMUNE!

  • ᅳᅳ
    ᅳᅳMuaj më parë

    TOKYO will be next NEW YORK

  • Casey Loomis
    Casey LoomisMuaj më parë

    Prayers for the PM

  • Raj Vohra
    Raj VohraMuaj më parë

    I would rather praise this British PM. He is so much workohalic so sincere towards his role and responsibilities. And I wish him early recovery...

  • betty pmarin
    betty pmarinMuaj më parë

    the only thing that hurta a tiger with corona oh no

  • Dietmar Wohlleben
    Dietmar WohllebenMuaj më parë

    MP Johnson ignored ignored health advice and was even some weeks ago proud of shaking hundred times hands with coronavirus patients. Johnson has not taken the threat of coronavirus seriously for far too long.Therefore UK started coronatevirus testing much too late.Germany, for example, has done about 10 times as many tests so far. And it has procured many more ventilators in the past. UK had 10 times as many coronavirus deaths as Germany per 1 million inhabitants yesterday (708 vs. 92)!

  • Bird of Prey
    Bird of PreyMuaj më parë

    One of my pet ants has contracted the virus. Poor girl has a shortness of breath and she has got a little sore throat. Pray for her!

  • ThinkSlinger


    Muaj më parë

    Hahaha...u guys are too much

  • keese0288


    Muaj më parë

    Sending prayers. I have roaches with the same problem. I feel your pain ❤

  • Ethan L
    Ethan LMuaj më parë

    very good!!!

    RuralMoney.comMuaj më parë

    Pray for Boris Johnson. He should be on a ventilator and should have been in hospital sooner. Shame on his doctor if he dies. Queen spoke to her people because her PM is probably gravely ill. Japan should have acted sooner but was worried about the Olympics. Tokyo Mayor pleaded for help but Abe chastised her instead. I admire the Japanese spirit but this and the nuclear waste water may bite you hard Hint: They are both spiritual situations. Your state of emergency have no teeth. Stay healthy everyone!

  • Ram Prasad
    Ram PrasadMuaj më parë


  • Leopold
    LeopoldMuaj më parë

    Please make sure that Tiger practice social distancing.

  • Tatiana Silva
    Tatiana SilvaMuaj më parë

    Things are not so "beautiful" in Wuhan now, the CCP is hiding the real figures and conditions of the citizens.

  • Jose Mu

    Jose Mu

    Muaj më parë

    @Danny Ignorant doesn't make you right, you call yourself native, but what do know about Chinese? Who's among do you think Chinese's made up of? Do study more before you open up your mouth again, please...

  • Danny


    Muaj më parë

    @Jose Mu I'm native let the Uygers live in peace, let Tibetans live in peace, Taiwan is a sovereign nation.....this is the equivalent of blanket filled with smallpox

  • Jose Mu

    Jose Mu

    Muaj më parë

    Oh please! the only thief that has stolen the world is British descendant! Can you find any part of the world, that the native never got hurt by the British descendant? then you can talk!

  • Dey NM
    Dey NMMuaj më parë

    How is it that many of these ‘first world’ countries were so slow to act? Italy was a model to follow, why didn’t they follow their example?

  • Gous Uddin
    Gous UddinMuaj më parë

    The various only blame of China 🇨🇳 they are eat anything and fly in the world 🗺 they are at animal

  • Jon Doe
    Jon DoeMuaj më parë

    All women can come round mine n sunbath in safety ok ?

  • Jon Doe
    Jon DoeMuaj më parë

    What about putin ha? Take your evil eyes off of us ok GF

  • Jon Doe
    Jon DoeMuaj më parë

    He's taking time off in a brothel for a few weeks so what ha?

  • Kl Mn
    Kl MnMuaj më parë

    this host has a very strong accent which I find hard to understand

  • BlackDUST
    BlackDUSTMuaj më parë


  • aamirul hasan
    aamirul hasanMuaj më parë

    Please no indian accent in DW.

  • Cricket Smith
    Cricket SmithMuaj më parë

    To all those criticizing the response times in combating COVID-19. One reason for the seemingly slow response is that factual information about COVID-19 was unknown & some of what was "known" has proven NOT factual. It is easy to sit safely at home behind a computer screen & second guess or criticize what others faced w/the responsibility of trying (w/the best of intentions) to do the correct thing (again w/limited or non-factual data supplied them by "experts") have done or are doing. The best thing we can do it pray for those in leadership asking the *Lord* *God* *Almighty* to give them *His* wisdom as they make decisions & policies!

  • Silver White
    Silver WhiteMuaj më parë

    Bojo will now realise how important the ventilators are and will order manufacturers to produce them ASAP.

  • Movie Fans 影迷
    Movie Fans 影迷Muaj më parë

    Boris shouldn't send to hospital

  • Ruth Collins
    Ruth CollinsMuaj më parë

    I think that Captain should be given a medal. More likely to try to save his sailors than Trump saving his staff!

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrowMuaj më parë

    Shame on you Johnson!

  • Movie Fans 影迷
    Movie Fans 影迷Muaj më parë

    Need to test your pet too. That's what I thought before.

  • Dieter Soegemeier
    Dieter SoegemeierMuaj më parë

    Vitamic C is the cure as long as it is not petro chemical based. Natural only

  • lyn Lynn
    lyn LynnMuaj më parë

    Why does the PM look like he hasn't bathed for months??!!

  • touchy2017
    touchy2017Muaj më parë

    Oh that’s fair, someone really really sick could need the bed

  • Maanze
    MaanzeMuaj më parë

    Her Majesty is looking much healthier than the British PM at his best day.

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