The Netherlands Is Letting People Get Sick to Beat Coronavirus

As most of the world practices social distancing, the Dutch are trying a different strategy to protect the vulnerable from the coronavirus: They’re aiming for so-called “herd immunity,” or what happens when enough people have survived the illness to effectively slow its spread.
“As we wait for a vaccine or medicine, we can slow down the virus spreading and at the same time build up herd immunity in a controlled manner,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said last week during an update on COVID-19, the contagious respiratory illness caused by the coronvirus.
Like a lot of other world leaders, Rutte is now in the business of calming his citizens down. But he’s also a pragmatist.
“The reality is also that in the coming period a large part of the population will be infected with the virus," he added.
So unlike the Italians or the French, the Dutch are not on lockdown. Schools and restaurants have been told to close, but strict social distancing hasn’t been imposed. People are still hanging out in parks. Even the coffee shops that sell weed are open, though now only for to-go orders.
The owner of one coffee shop in Tilburg, who goes by his nickname Meuk, told VICE News that in times like these, establishments like his are vital because they help people keep calm. But Meuk is still taking precautions.
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  • VICE News
    VICE News9 ditë më parë

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  • dave gonzo

    dave gonzo

    2 ditë më parë

    This is stupid and misleading information. I am dutch and I can tell you these images are not from the last couple of weeks. We are in partial lockdown. Groups of more than 3 are prohibited. Parks are empty and people stay at home as much as possible. Yes, our PM wants group immunity but still keeping social distance so we can protect the elder and vulnerable people. It's a long shot, our government and PM are not perfect.we all know that, but we're still better off than having Donald Trump for a leader.....

  • Zbriu


    3 ditë më parë

    Don't watch anything in this channel. It's all sensationalism. This video is complete BS and most likely other videos in this channel are no different. While the Dutch Prime Minister is kind of the European Donald Trump, i don't think they would just suicide. Dutch Prime Minister only talks BS but this video is no different.

  • Oki


    3 ditë më parë

    This is some real mis information shit. It's on the edge of being fake news. Remove this plz.

  • Andypirate


    4 ditë më parë

    This is the best choise, so your economy wont collapse like the Italian one

  • Javier Fernandez

    Javier Fernandez

    4 ditë më parë

    Like you never ate a bat. Stfu

  • Rohit Samineni
    Rohit Samineni9 orë më parë

    Herd Immunity What bullshit is this? at cost of 14% fatality?

  • killurbean
    killurbean9 orë më parë

    Where’s that Muslim woman’s hijab..what’s the uk coming to?

  • Nuclear Fusion
    Nuclear Fusion10 orë më parë

    Wow.... I'm Dutch and this report is extremely faulty and misinformative. The government acknowledges herd immunity but is not actively perusing it in any way. Yes, the Netherlands has a great healthcare system but actually very few intensive care beds.. Seriously, where did the reporters get their information? This video is making me doubt the quality of other Vice reports.

  • Romeo Toro
    Romeo Toro10 orë më parë

    From the numbers of active cases, dead cases, recovered cases a lot of people who get sick die we have a number of recovered right now that is 4.5 bigger than the number of dead and this is in the most developed countrys.i think this virus can kill a lo lot of people but idk. I hope its not that deadly

  • Djfitsy
    Djfitsy10 orë më parë


  • Spaace Keese
    Spaace Keese11 orë më parë

    Misleading video title..

  • Petra van Aalst
    Petra van Aalst11 orë më parë

    This title is misleading. Do you really think that in other countrys less people are going to be sick? It is not really different from other countrys what we are doiing. Only our government is just transparant. Not one country will be in lockdown fot at least a year, So every country needs a group immunity, only they let there people think that a few weeks at home will prevent becomming sick at all. That is an illusion!!!! You can not stop living untill there is a vaccin, and most off us will get the virus. You can only try to prevent that people get all at the same time sick, So your healthcare can cope .

  • Jessica -
    Jessica -11 orë më parë

    I don't get why people are hating on thus aproach. Dutch people are way to stubborn to just do so if someone says so. In all the conferences so far was told very clearly to stay home as much as possible, to protect the people who are a risk. The fact that our country has trust in the way they are handeling this crisis, doesn't mean they're experimenting with lives. They are working their asses of to make sure the health system does not fall apart, but in the same time keep in mind the consequenses of a total lockdown on the economy. The government has made a clear appeal to use your common sense. With that freedom we can make our own choices to stay home as much as possible and protect the risk groups. Nobody is making anybody go outside. You can judge this approach. But in other countries the military is deployed to "guard the streats", while in the Netherlands the militairs are preparing to help the society.

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G11 orë më parë

    Its the Netherlands. Not ISIS.

  • Shar Pee
    Shar Pee11 orë më parë

    VICE, we ain't just letting people die. We are doing basically tje same as the rest of Europe but don't call it a lockdown. Since we are a really far developed democracy we don't have to be forced to stay inside since most of us are intelligent enough to understand the possible hazards for ourselves and our (social) environment. We ain't simply letting people die, we are string to contain the inevidable fact that people will somehow still manage to contract the virus.

  • Ele
    Ele12 orë më parë

    I am really curious what would have happened if this virus was like ebola ( 50% death rate) Would Netherlands still insist on herd immunity or now we get tricked because statistically only 3% dies? Already 1000+ deaths in NL. Hmm just wondering...

  • calvinchong79
    calvinchong7912 orë më parë

    17,000,000x60%infected =10,200,000 1%mortality x10, 200,000 =102,000

  • 123456789ten
    123456789ten13 orë më parë

    it was announced the Netherlands will remain in lockdown until 28th April since yesterday, then the government will re-consider measures going forward, the original thinking was to let people get it but like most nations, the strain on the medics is too high so a stricter lockdown has already been in place sinse 16th March

  • Manas Chakraborty
    Manas Chakraborty14 orë më parë

    In the mean time I listen to all of them and lock my self down in my home for another month.

  • Dan T
    Dan T14 orë më parë

    This is absolutely misinterpreted and he is not letting people get sick. The streets are empty. Thank you VICE for trying to make our country look bad.

  • Anouar Laili
    Anouar Laili15 orë më parë

    Misleading video!

  • giorgos82100
    giorgos8210015 orë më parë

    I guess this tactic backfired for the netherlands

  • subhabrata ganguly
    subhabrata ganguly15 orë më parë

    Send me some in need it too this high rise pressure situation

  • Robert K
    Robert K15 orë më parë

    playing roulette with its own population...

  • eggizgud
    eggizgud15 orë më parë

    He's not washing his hands correctly. The soap has to cover his hands thoroughly for 20 seconds in order to 'dismantle' the virus.

  • Jaak Savat
    Jaak Savat15 orë më parë

    Just a gamble on economic modelling, nothing to do with duty of care towards people

  • ymke jongema
    ymke jongema16 orë më parë

    Come with something originals,instead to think that the netherlands is only the place to get stoned.

  • Lúcia João
    Lúcia João16 orë më parë

    That explains while they have more than 10%death rate. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • kaymezRap
    kaymezRap16 orë më parë

    Thats basically what every other country trys to do.

  • Bastien Bongers
    Bastien Bongers17 orë më parë

    Lmao we'll see in a week if they still are doing fine

  • le varle
    le varle18 orë më parë

    weed will save the world

  • Carlo Cocciolo
    Carlo Cocciolo18 orë më parë

    So, herd immunity means that at least 7'000 persons per million of your population have to die. Wow, amazing... D-8

  • KiDD ViDD
    KiDD ViDD19 orë më parë

    That weed looks like coffee. Glad we got them trees over here in the US

  • Hady Sutris Winarlim
    Hady Sutris Winarlim19 orë më parë

    Herd immunity is somekind of an idea that is quite abstract if not delusional., But before that is achieved, how many lives shall depart to the afterlife?

  • looky khan
    looky khan19 orë më parë

    FFS CAN WE JUST DELETE 2020 and download 2021 instead

  • kyung0215
    kyung021519 orë më parë

    After google searching, I think they discarded this 'herd community' policy and has started lockdown recently. I wonder what will happen in Sweden and my country.

  • Ta Be
    Ta Be20 orë më parë

    I can't comment for what i don't know about netherlands, but the whole term which i know the scientific meaning and logic behind it i just want to point out the poetic side of it. most of the time we refer to sheep in a herd as they have no power over themselves ,especially when they are taken to the slaughterhouse in which this situation looks like. first, we don't know much about the virus, reinfection? mutation? permanent damage?

  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez21 orë më parë

    how many people have to die with this herd immunity scheme ... this is not a good idea and can be deemed as a form of genocide or murder

  • aatsista
    aatsista22 orë më parë

    This is also called Eugenics. The Nazi's also believed they were doing the right thing.

  • Zzzz Zzzz
    Zzzz Zzzz23 orë më parë

    How's that herd immunity working for Yah??? 10000+ cases and over 1000 dead. Good job Yah stoopid dickheads.

  • Wm Ritchey
    Wm Ritchey23 orë më parë

    Anything for a headline I'd guess...vice: how can we shock everyone? Just don't worry about the "little details"! Whopptee fkin do! Thanks sofa king moronic productions. Gonzo (Raoul Duke) would be proud

  • Юрий Петров
    Юрий ПетровDitë më parë

    Yea well there are people that had the virus and later on they get it again I know couple of people that recovered from the virus and couple days later they have it again every person immune system is different a friend of mine had the virus and survived 4 days later he got it again and died some won't get it a second time but others do understood now I've lost my damn friend

  • Drug Induced Fever dream
    Drug Induced Fever dreamDitë më parë

    Holland at it again making the better decisions

  • YangGe ShatterU
    YangGe ShatterUDitë më parë

    This is what we call an irresponsible government! He is sacrificing the elder people's lives and describes a lazy government euphemistically as "herd immunity".

  • Jatin Maharao
    Jatin MaharaoDitë më parë

    Seems like they are forgetting the part where the virus starts to mutate. Also sounds like a solid plan. They dont know how many people need to be infected with it to start building immunity, but sounds like a full proof plan

  • N.W.A /IceCube
    N.W.A /IceCubeDitë më parë

    They're too high on weed to realise how serious situation is

  • Ruth O
    Ruth ODitë më parë

    Im not going to rush in judgement. I’m definitely going to keep track of their rates.

  • Arrogant
    ArrogantDitë më parë

    This virus has reinfected many people in china.

  • steward
    stewardDitë më parë

    Those who smoke weed will not get the Coronavirus this is because the Coronavirus will get stoned and goto sleep. Hahahhahaha

  • K.D.H. Esq.
    K.D.H. Esq.Ditë më parë

    Clickbait title; no government in this little piece supported the title!

  • rangers16907
    rangers16907Ditë më parë


  • nemonucliosis
    nemonucliosisDitë më parë

    Sounds like a plan out of the new world order handbook.

  • Do Rine
    Do RineDitë më parë

    It is a lie people are told to stay at home all THE school ar close your story is not correct.people went to parks BECOSE the think the are onbeatebill in Dutch (ze denken dat ze onverslaanbaar zijn omdat ze jong zijn Mr Rutte heeft gezegd dat iedereen thuis moet blijven scholen zijn dicht restaurants, zwembaden, bioscopen, nu mensen horen dat ook jongeren ziek worden zullen zij beter luisteren zo dat ze niet het risico lopen om zelf corona tekrijgen en zo voor dat er symptomen verschijnsel bij hun optreedt het over te dragen aan ánderen dan schrijft iemand onwaarheden.alleen ben ik het oneens dat kinderen gewoon buiten kunnen spelen met elkaar want nu blijkt dat ook kinderen het kunnen krijgen,er komen teveel kenners op tv die alles weten over deze ziekte en behandeling later zullen wij horen of déze manier van behandelen juist is want het is een nieuwe virus waar niemand iets van wist. Ik denk niet dat Pr Rutte wilt dat zo veel mogelijk mensen ziek worden of wel? Heb ik het mis heb ik iets gemist??? Strerkte idereen!!!)

  • Matty Gauthier
    Matty GauthierDitë më parë

    Viking blood strong

  • Roselee Lauper
    Roselee LauperDitë më parë

    this MD will give you explanation as real as it can be, SHARE THIS!!

  • Jakhi Sammy
    Jakhi SammyDitë më parë

    Welcome to 2020 !

  • Tanuki
    TanukiDitë më parë

    Sounds great until people realize they may be part of the group that dies.

  • NemeanLion
    NemeanLionDitë më parë

    This theory sounds like it’s based on people not getting reinfected and the virus not mutating. This is one hell of a gamble if true.

  • Karla Rodríguez
    Karla RodríguezDitë më parë

    Further information is needed. There's small evidence that people get infected can get sick again, also a viruses mutate easily. Yesterday our health secretary said that people that got infected is not showing antibodies anymore. Whatever it is I think we are way far to know, but hopefully scientist can figure this out. It hurts when my mom says... "When I come back to work next week", she hasn't realized we have to live with this virus after the quarantine and as an article said, dance with it.

  • owen noggle
    owen noggleDitë më parë

    I N S A N I T Y ...It's Like ..Rolling The DICE On Your ''Life " ...With The ''Herd Mentality" SOON No Longer..Will Be (Heard) The Elderly Generation....Some People Will Never Be ''Immune" To..S t u p i d i t y ..

  • Kaiser B
    Kaiser BDitë më parë

    I agree with the Dutch

  • Paul Nagy
    Paul NagyDitë më parë

    This video creates such a wrong image of how it's actually here. Good job on the views Vice

  • Mentula Magna
    Mentula MagnaDitë më parë

    Does anyone explianed to this Genius Virus Can Mutate ???

  • larryorzepa
    larryorzepaDitë më parë

    This is 100% false!! Pure fake news! Greetings from Amsterdam

  • Leslie Horwinkle
    Leslie HorwinkleDitë më parë

    Uh, isn't this what every country 'flattening the curve' is trying to do? I don't think we're kidding ourselves to think it's going to disappear.

  • jimpomac
    jimpomacDitë më parë

    There is no such thing as "Herd immunity". You cannot transfer antibodies from one person to another except by Vaccination, This is a stupid idea which which only ends up with a catastrophic number of deaths. Culling of the herd would be a more accurate description , where the weak and vulnerable are killed off and only survivors are left. Even if this succeeds, what happens when ,as it always does, the virus mutates again. Immunity will likely not work on a mutated strain. Why doesn't this article mention any of this ? Fucking irresponsible piece of Yellow journalism !

  • dontnickmyname
    dontnickmynameDitë më parë

    I am for The Netherlands and the streets are quite empty here. Our PM made a huge mistake with his 'herd immunity comment'. The day after he changed plans ;) This video is partly 'fake news' and mostly outdated. For example, yesterday we broke the traffic record on internet. Nearly everyone works from home, watches Netflix and porn or is playing videogames.

  • m Ds
    m DsDitë më parë

    Herd of morons

  • Tony o farrell
    Tony o farrellDitë më parë

    This is actually euthanasia by the state ,they know it will be the old and sick who will die

  • Lena
    LenaDitë më parë

    Of course you can apply this in a country where their people knows how to make things in order, try their best and the goverment have enough money to support their people, in my country, people is fighting for toilet paper, and after all this shit, we gonna get poor af.

  • K S S
    K S SDitë më parë

    Wasn't it a bad plan sir?

  • electro1622
    electro1622Ditë më parë

    what happens when the virus mutates, which it will....where's the heard immunity then..???

  • Jon Uncensored
    Jon UncensoredDitë më parë

    So how's it working for Netherlands now ?

  • Glenn Zlotowski
    Glenn ZlotowskiDitë më parë

    Failed experiment , it has to be 80% of the world . This strain of coronovirus has never been seen before . So the virus can be gotten many times and also the mutations of it. This means nothing

  • Checkmate025
    Checkmate025Ditë më parë

    The Dutch are unloading the seniors in order to keep the pension fund "still" intact

  • girlonmission
    girlonmissionDitë më parë

    Fake news. The Netherlands is the only place I wanna be right now. We have one of the best health care in the world.

  • David Gunning
    David GunningDitë më parë


  • MK
    MKDitë më parë

    Yo Vice, fake news.

  • Retire14 Pattaya
    Retire14 PattayaDitë më parë

    They are right it will last too godawful long and destroy the economy maybe for decades.

  • Danny Nguyen
    Danny NguyenDitë më parë

    Prime minister: *takes a hit* what if, herd immunity?

  • Iris van den Heuvel
    Iris van den HeuvelDitë më parë

    The situation is not as black and white as portrayed here; we've been in partial lockdown for a while, and will be until (at least) june. You can be fined up to €400 for being in a group of over 2 people and not keeping 1,5m distance. The park shown in the video is closed now.

  • Sakia Cottrell
    Sakia CottrellDitë më parë

    Wow population control at it finest

  • Stefan
    StefanDitë më parë

    I'm living in Amsterdam right now and I see it as basically a way for the government to save face - basically putting a positive spin on "we don't have enough tests or resources to actually control this - we are as fucked as everyone else". Dutch "herd immunity" is a public-relations campaign, not a health strategy

  • Bram Slootmans
    Bram SlootmansDitë më parë

    OKAY, LET ME GET ONE THING STRAIGHT.. The main goal is not to get everybody infected, but it is naïeve to think that you can stop this virus by just locking down a country. Even if that would happen, the virus will return occasionally, infecting thousands of people again. So yeah, the Dutch government is trying to contain it in an “open” way, but they know that it can’t be stopped. Only slowed down.

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