Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! 👟🎨 ft. James Charles (Giveaway)


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    The Best Of

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    Did everything hope I win

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    done my guy

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    idk lol

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    I subscribed

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    I don't have instagram it won't let me download it because I have a rubbish phone it's old I will subscribe to u guys.

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    Im done !!!!!!! Hope i win !!! Love you guys ❤️

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    So cool bro you really are a big inspiration you have such a big heart an your art work is out of this world 💪🏻💪🏻💯

  • Virginia Camacho
    Virginia Camacho12 orë më parë

    Omg this amazing I wish I lived in California and had an iphone 11 so you can customize it omg

  • Aliab Garstin
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    Whatever u costimize it looks incredible

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    I have subed and liked

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    The duo we never knew we needed

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    When he said " Wait for it..." An ad popped up- Is that what he wanted me to wait for ;-;

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    I really want an IPhone 11 with butterfly’s

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    Michelle is so OMG OMG OMG

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  • Des
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    If you want my honest opinion balenciaga shoes look really stupid...but you did a great job customizing them

  • Madeline Meyers
    Madeline Meyers12 orë më parë

    James Charles: ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! Everyone Else: [thinking] He's crazy.

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    That is cool so cool you are the best

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    I did the rules to win the iPhone 11 giveaway I hope I win!!

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    You are so amazing and you should be the next pewdiepie. I love ZHC!

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    I want those iPhone so badly if you don't give them to me Zack I want subscribe

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    I was already subbed to you guys

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    Can I have an I phone 11 I have a 5

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    Hey zhc I’m entering the giveaway sorry if I’m a bit to late 😕😊

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    Le nombre de OMG que James a dit: ↓ ↓

  • Arriana Pandacorn
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    I entered the giveaway and I have always wanted to get something that was customized. My instagram is maalaka_02 and I want to wish everyone who entered good luck!!

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    Where do u get there address???

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  • Carolina Fernández
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    the butterfly one is beautifuul!

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    I have no insta gram

  • Edith Acua
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    I love his reactions and like hes not like what SOME people imagine him to be :)

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    You know what fanny means if you're from the UK 😂

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    I don’t have instergram :(

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    When he said don't be shy out some more he sounded higher pitched then Charli 💀

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    I’ve done everything pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can I have one of the phones

  • Rick Hineman
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    James Charles got all that cool stuff you’re really nice you’re so sweet to give other people iPhone 11’s Apple Watch’s Shoes but custom made that’s insane I’ll always watch your videos they make me laugh and they’re satisfying

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    When you don't have inst

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    I followed you, leo, and james on Insta and subscribed to all if your channels. The phones are serious lit. Keep being yourself you guys. Love ya sooo much. PS. I'm desperate cause I got an iPhone 5s 😭

  • P L U T O
    P L U T O13 orë më parë

    Would u rather receive an I phone from ZHC or James Charles?

  • Cheyanne Rousseau
    Cheyanne Rousseau13 orë më parë

    How can I get you to customize a phone as a gift for someone 🥺 so amazing

  • Marcelo Jaramillo
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    You can get the makers on Google pit paint makers

  • Christina Sanders
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    hi SISTERS!

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  • Blocky
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    When you have enough money to get the things you need but decide to use it to make the world a better place👟📱💜

  • Jolina Condesa
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    Your chance on winning give aways . . . . . . 0.01% 😭 Well at least try 😄

  • Kimberley Jaime
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    The editor on the reactions tho

  • Rayyan Kadu
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    Pls can I have an iPhone 11 pro long time supporter

  • Save The World
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    Is anyone gonna talk about how he sat a shoe box on a Apple computer

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    I did them all I follow you and James in both and subscribe and like and put notifications on

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    I did it again you guys are asome!!!!

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    I will check a phone iPhone 11

  • LOUser
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    that green balenciaga colourway looks unreal, the black and green go so nicely together, Ive always thought this!! Now this is a pair I needa try and get!! :o

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    No one said “hey sisters”

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    CEO of OMG

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  • ImNotRachel
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    So, you sand the back right? Then you paint / costumiste it. How many times can you re do it? Can you just sand down the paint ? Idk I’m not an artist or whatever 😂

    EXOTIC GOAT14 orë më parë

    Not going to cap I don’t support gays but I love James Charles just cuz his personality and zac his was looking better than yours 🤣

  • Daisy Pond
    Daisy Pond14 orë më parë

    Pls zhc all my friends have one but i dont

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