Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid Live!


Watch Auli'i Cravalho perform "Part of Your World” on The Little Mermaid Live! on ABC.


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  • Jhoel Villalobos
    Jhoel VillalobosDitë më parë

    No me gustó esa Ariel

  • That Broadway Girl
    That Broadway Girl2 ditë më parë

    Hire me to sing lol

  • Disney KG7
    Disney KG73 ditë më parë

    Please my channel subscribe 🙋‍♀

  • Brunno Arians
    Brunno Arians4 ditë më parë

    o_O what amazing show! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • iibelleii
    iibelleii6 ditë më parë

    2:48 I’m wondering what will happen if the string snapped

  • Thiago Couto
    Thiago Couto7 ditë më parë

    Can anyone explain to me why they had her do this ? I mean I think she does a great job but what's this for ?

  • Boua Fati
    Boua Fati8 ditë më parë

    You cannot believe how much amazing is this listen please

  • Doughy Dust
    Doughy Dust9 ditë më parë

    But bro being suspended in the air like that looks fun

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk929 ditë më parë

    Anyone else physically point at the members of the audience a say "Wish I could be, part of that world?" out loud. Maybe even fail at singing it in tune (like me?)

  • Mephistopheles
    Mephistopheles9 ditë më parë

    Imagine being those dancers “in the jewellery box” who just straight up weren’t lit

  • Sim Sim Rogue
    Sim Sim Rogue9 ditë më parë

    Now I want to see Halle's version.

  • peignez_le_rouge
    peignez_le_rouge10 ditë më parë

    When they said i deadass thought a movie 😒

  • Lou Keehl
    Lou Keehl10 ditë më parë

    OK but can we talk about the fish

  • Sarah Kates
    Sarah Kates12 ditë më parë

    This song touches my heart so deeply. The lyrics really apply to anyone who felt they didn’t belong. The song is so empowering- “Bright young women, sick of swimming, ready to STAND”. Also the line “flipping your fins you don’t get too far”-In my opinion that refers to us trying to blend in, suppress our true selves so we don’t make others “uncomfortable”. I believe this song empowers all groups that have been ostracized-find your voice and become “part of this world”-never dim your light for the sake of others!

  • Devin Suarezz
    Devin Suarezz13 ditë më parë

    This is sort of putting me into paralysis

  • Hazox
    Hazox14 ditë më parë

    Her voice is really good, but it's got nothing on the original, voice actors nowadays are mehh without any voice changers of some sort, back in the day tho (damm I sound old lol) we had REAL talent

  • tea qilla
    tea qilla18 ditë më parë

    i have no idea how people could dislike this vid. what a weirdo.

  • rismasftr
    rismasftr19 ditë më parë

    a question. is she fly or swim?

  • Hello There
    Hello There19 ditë më parë

    I absolutely love the dance at 1:14 It fits so nicely and gives the scene so much more life

  • Diana Martinez
    Diana Martinez19 ditë më parë

    Is racism when the people is angry with a black mermaid but not with a brunette mermaid

  • Vanessa Senjaya
    Vanessa Senjaya22 ditë më parë


  • Pennywise And Bloom
    Pennywise And Bloom22 ditë më parë

    Wow is Ariel the first princess with red hair and brown eyes bc black Ariel has red hair and brown eyes and so does the live

  • Madeline Playz
    Madeline Playz22 ditë më parë

    I’m doing this play at school

  • 김 김
    김 김22 ditë më parë

    In this version Ariel seems she is actually swimming...So perfect😂

  • Gloria Puente
    Gloria Puente23 ditë më parë

    Flounder 😆

  • DrawingMyWay _
    DrawingMyWay _23 ditë më parë

  • Ebony Eclipse
    Ebony Eclipse24 ditë më parë

    I loved the way they lifted her up as she was singing! she sure knows how to move her tail. Wouldn't be easy to sing suspended like that.

  • Parte Do Meu Mundo
    Parte Do Meu Mundo24 ditë më parë

    Cute performance. But she doesn't have the right voice to play Ariel. Ariel is supposed to have the most beautiful and powerful voice. Auli'i's voice is too simple. That's why Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel in the live-action Little Mermaid.

  • Rainbow FleXxx
    Rainbow FleXxx26 ditë më parë

    I thought she was gonna be black

  • dreamergirlbaby


    5 ditë më parë

    She is. This was for a play. The Black Ariel will be for the theatre movie.

  • Tiffany Yu
    Tiffany Yu28 ditë më parë

    those wigs did her dirty

  • MisterPikol
    MisterPikol28 ditë më parë

    Doesn't do the original justice, but still very impressive. She, however, in Moana, absolutely Killed it. Killed it.

  • Alejandra Targaryen
    Alejandra Targaryen28 ditë më parë

    I will always think that the best Ariel is the marvelous Sierra Boggess.

  • Crossover singer Ji Hyun
    Crossover singer Ji Hyun29 ditë më parë

    쩐다 진짜..

  • The LAV Life Family
    The LAV Life FamilyMuaj më parë

    This is OUR Jam!!! 🎶 Check OUT Aniya’s Highlights

  • Armando Castaneda
    Armando CastanedaMuaj më parë

    She voices Moana lol

  • tara ss
    tara ssMuaj më parë

    Flounder be looking like pac man.

  • Les miz
    Les mizMuaj më parë

    worse than sierra boggess

  • Alec  Bona
    Alec BonaMuaj më parë

    Why are people complaining about this? It's cute and sweet. Yeah her voice isn't a powerhouse voice but it's nice

  • jessehenandez
    jessehenandezMuaj më parë

    "Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty."

  • Izuku Haruya
    Izuku HaruyaMuaj më parë

    Flounder is the reason why fantasy works need to be animated

  • Daisy Kirk
    Daisy KirkMuaj më parë

    Love this but when she's singing it's funny cause I hear Moana

  • Yada Yada
    Yada YadaMuaj më parë

    I love her little accent so much

  • The Gumbo Stew
    The Gumbo StewMuaj më parë

    so dope!

  • Moksih
    MoksihMuaj më parë

    did they really dressed her like that to cover the boobs and make her child friendly? LuL Disney, how dare you :D

  • Mike Dobs
    Mike DobsMuaj më parë

    GAG ME


    From Moana to Ariel

  • Son
    SonMuaj më parë

    i hope all humans die

  • TodaysTrends
    TodaysTrendsMuaj më parë

    Masked singer!!!!

  • Kristine Lamonday
    Kristine LamondayMuaj më parë

    Please show my 10-year-old daughter some love in our cover:

  • Gladys Rose
    Gladys RoseMuaj më parë

    Lots of nitpickers in here. I loved it.

  • Nabeelah Dollie
    Nabeelah DollieMuaj më parë


  • Caroline Monte
    Caroline MonteMuaj më parë

    Love her, but the only reason they even did this show was to ease people up to the real movie coming out and her race.

  • Amanda Cooper
    Amanda CooperMuaj më parë


  • Black Lamb
    Black LambMuaj më parë

    Asking myself if Ariel will not have light skin anymore after the movie remake 👀 no hate

  • Jojo beanz
    Jojo beanzMuaj më parë

    Maybe a better tail...

  • Emmy RIP
    Emmy RIPMuaj më parë

    Ok, this sounds dumb, but why do they make her look so pale? Unless she’s that light, which I don’t think

  • timeiswhat
    timeiswhatMuaj më parë

    She's a good singer, but the vocals do annoy me. It's not the being suspended thing though, it's the weird clunkiness and how she cuts off the ends of phrases suddenly instead of letting them ring out. But she's definitely talented, and sounds weirdly similar to the original voice actress. And man, kudos for keeping her voice that even while hovering around sideways (if she was actually live, you never know).

  • Michael J Boykins II
    Michael J Boykins IIMuaj më parë

    Good job

  • Sarcastic_Little Scarlett
    Sarcastic_Little ScarlettMuaj më parë

    0:03 it wasn't shown in the movies, but harry potter's glasses actually fell into sea and sorta ended up here...

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