Novel coronavirus: Lawrence Wong explains why there is no need to stockpile necessities

There is no global shortage of food items or toilet paper, unlike surgical masks where there is a "global scramble for supplies", said Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong on why there's no need to stockpile these items even after the DORSCON level was raised to Orange.
Local supermarket chain FairPrice has imposed purchase limits for paper products, rice and instant noodles:
What DORSCON Orange means for the average Singaporean:
For the latest developments on the novel coronavirus outbreak:
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  • Apple Sewer
    Apple Sewer29 ditë më parë

    Seems sensible to me to stockpile at least a months supply. I don't see a problem with it. There'll be a spike in certain markets of tinned food and cleaning products then there'll be a drop off. Overall no-one is using more than their usual share. This virus is highly likely to continue spreading and with many countries already imposing strict quarantine measures, seems a good chance we'll find ourselves having to self isolate too. May as well beat the last minute rush and prepare now.

  • Charles Bader
    Charles BaderMuaj më parë

    This may only apply to Singapore since they seem to be the only place that's seen community (lost contact) transmission and have been able to get it back under control. It's funny how we see these sort of PSA"s only after the shelves begin to go bare. Before then, there are plenty of official gentle reminders to keep a limited supply of necessities on hand in case of emergencies. Only this time, quarantines are occurring in an increasing number of areas which are lasting weeks or more. So perhaps it's time to up the recommendation from "at least 3 days" to "at least 3 weeks". Unprecedented in the past 100 years. "Everything's fine... until it isn't."

  • Dominic Toretto
    Dominic TorettoMuaj më parë

    Best is that we wear a mask even if we are well because there are so many sick idiots who are sick and they don't use a mask and cough plus sneeze openly without covering their mouths in public! We wear masks to prevent ourselves from inhaling the germ filled saliva of these selfish idiots. Govt can advise differently so easily, but when we fall sick, it is our body, our health and our own life! Not theirs! Think people! And also whose wallet is going to be burnt if we got hospitalized? Ours! Again NOT theirs! Nato is easy for people who don't need take buses and mrt to and from work and squeeze among crowded public places.

  • Eva Dien
    Eva DienMuaj më parë

    EVER THOUGHT ABOUT MASKS? I mean how can *BASIC CHEAP MASKS * can protect u from AIRBORN BACTERIA? .. SERIOUSLY THINK!.. THERE IS NO VIRUS. PEOPLE DYING have not fed themselves well, already had an undiagnosed or other disease and most are OLD or pretty YOUNG. *FEED YOURSELVES WELL* .. and question everything including this so called *"virus"*

  • Richard Raymond
    Richard RaymondMuaj më parë

    Seems fair, balanced and level headed info. Oh, I forgot unafraid too.

  • Richard Raymond
    Richard RaymondMuaj më parë

  • Tammy Medaris
    Tammy MedarisMuaj më parë

    These guys will lie about anything, won't they

  • David Webb
    David WebbMuaj më parë

    I love officials telling people not to stockpile. Some fools believe him so there's more for me to stockpile.

  • Donna Cabot
    Donna CabotMuaj më parë

    Good for sales. Sad. Can get them any time. Cant get to the necessities if ur sick.

  • nicola pislor
    nicola pislorMuaj më parë


  • saleem ali
    saleem aliMuaj më parë

    It is funny how the government always says people are panicking when they are acting totally logically in their own families' interests. There is very little information people are dying and the world's government are saying everything is ok. Buying some extra food and goods I think is totally logical and the right thing to do. The governments are the ones panic about the thought of people panicking. The people feel there is something not right, and they are acting naturally and preparing. Maybe the governments can learn something from the smart people of Singapore. Saying everything is ok don't make everything ok but having food and real goods for your family does

  • Fc king Sg
    Fc king SgMuaj më parë


  • Jess D
    Jess DMuaj më parë

    Isn’t this the same guy who just said the virus wasn’t airborne?

  • Danica Chan
    Danica ChanMuaj më parë

    Why CNA did not post the 2 new hospitals situation in Wuhan? Let all Singaporeans know how great is the CCP chinese government. I suspect CNA is bought over by the CCP. Don't try to fool us with all the *secure news* china wanted the world to see and know.

  • Your-Username-here
    Your-Username-hereMuaj më parë

    A ton of pepole are infected and there is no need to stock food and other stuff ? In a situation where its good to not go under pepole ? Yeah. Thats why i always have now water and some BP-5 for situations like this.

  • Shane MacD
    Shane MacDMuaj më parë

    you should ALWAYS stockpile essential goods. ignore him

  • Palmer Organic Farms
    Palmer Organic FarmsMuaj më parë

    This epidemic is a scam.. In the end, you'll see someone is going to get rich from it, and that group will have something to do with the creation of it..

  • BbYyTtOo
    BbYyTtOoMuaj më parë

    the chinese communist party admits over 1.3 million people diagnozed with disease and over 30 000 dead

  • Mario Namewontwork
    Mario NamewontworkMuaj më parë

    No need to stockpile items? In times of peace and 100% perfect world YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A STOCKPILE... ffs

  • heavenly angel smith
    heavenly angel smithMuaj më parë

    Corona virus ankjv holybible

  • LowJack187
    LowJack187Muaj më parë

  • ✡🌿 Shalom Dove 🕊🕎
    ✡🌿 Shalom Dove 🕊🕎Muaj më parë

    I think is the news from Hongkong that circulated online that ridiculously affect us as Fools. Infact it started off with those aunties lah in Hongkong wiping off toilets rolls suddenly 😂🤣...they simply cleaned off those shelves just for toilet rolls but didnt see any rice or instant noodles session went empty.

  • Mari Donis
    Mari DonisMuaj më parë

    Of course don't prep. He has his bunker waiting for him.

  • Gideon 454
    Gideon 454Muaj më parë

    Don't panic, but there is always a need to be prepared. This man is a liar. Prepare NOW. Or prepare when the savages are trying to kill each other for a grain of rice.

  • Hubby Bubby
    Hubby BubbyMuaj më parë

    Som Tinq wong wit dis gay.

  • Beavis
    BeavisMuaj më parë

    Lawrence Wong is not a human.

  • Beavis
    BeavisMuaj më parë

    If the mainstream media is a credible source then the moon is made of cheese.

  • wahtsfgsgwwwsxq
    wahtsfgsgwwwsxqMuaj më parë

    When you explain the obvious; we obviously doubt it.

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan AndersonMuaj më parë

    Baghdad Bob

  • Booth Pohlmann
    Booth PohlmannMuaj më parë

    Anyone who is believing this guys bullshit is a fool.

  • John Doe
    John DoeMuaj më parë

    Most politicians belong in prison

  • Irwan A
    Irwan AMuaj më parë

    Of all countries outside of China. Why is Singapore one of the most affected one?

  • salaita k
    salaita kMuaj më parë

    Yes it is be prepared at all times

  • Lisa
    LisaMuaj më parë

    There might not be a shortage globally, but there certainly is in Wuhan, and other parts. The stores are empty there. Please tell that to them

  • The Specialist
    The SpecialistMuaj më parë

    Hmm might be wong about this, if code red then want to restock, it is too late already...

  • Tan Kin
    Tan KinMuaj më parë

    The virus scare can cripple large part of Singapore economy, so their government needs to reduce that through media

  • GA513 S
    GA513 SMuaj më parë

    What if one worker in the supermarket is infected, will you close down the supermarket? This is one reason I can assume why people stock up 😁

  • borg386
    borg386Muaj më parë

    This guys like a rich man saying money cannot buy happiness let people decide for themselves

  • Daniel Semmens
    Daniel SemmensMuaj më parë

    You can believe someone whose livelihood depends on saying the correct thing

  • MGTOW Matty
    MGTOW MattyMuaj më parë

    i recall what Sgt Hartman for FMJ said about people with the name Lawrence.. Lawrence WRONG!

  • Yvonne Cheung
    Yvonne CheungMuaj më parë

    When l have no more food or toilet paper, can l come to stay with u, Mr. Wong.?

  • Yvonne Cheung
    Yvonne CheungMuaj më parë

    Fake news = news from government !?

  • CYRW
    CYRWMuaj më parë

    Instead of shaking hands do the butt bump! :)

  • Rita R
    Rita RMuaj më parë

    I say stockpile. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Wend Anth
    Wend AnthMuaj më parë

    By the way Target and Walmart are sold out of masks but ...there’s plenty of supplies

  • Wend Anth
    Wend AnthMuaj më parë

    Don’t panic ...don’t rush to buy things but don’t come out of your house...until we tell you to....dies of thirst waiting

  • Chang Lee
    Chang LeeMuaj më parë

    When they tell you not to panic, that’s when you really need to PANIC!!!!!! The government isn’t telling us the truth!! Wake up SHEEP, they are trying to reduce the world population

  • redstar19
    redstar19Muaj më parë

    Now surgical mask became a govt controlled item, only to be issued by them. taking temperature is useless, underestimate this virus, this is not SARS. Everyday there will be new information, now quarantined is 24 days in China.

  • Aweng Channel
    Aweng ChannelMuaj më parë


  • J Dub
    J DubMuaj më parë

    Famous last words..... THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! 😂

  • lm7753
    lm7753Muaj më parë

    Wong! Experts reported that the virus is airborne, it can stay in the air for hours. Please upload a photo of the warehouse stored the masks in order to prove u are a politician that doesn't lie.

  • KarasCyborg
    KarasCyborgMuaj më parë

    Dude, you stockpile early so you don't have to go out once the Contagion is in full bloom. Once that happens, your are sure to be infected / mugged / harassed by police / or killed.

  • joanne klatsky
    joanne klatskyMuaj më parë


  • John Chen
    John ChenMuaj më parë

    Indeed, when these ministers set off an explosion with the orange alert they had no clue what's the consequences. Now it's not just hoarding within Singapore. JB people upload videos and ranting that Singaporean wipe clean their supermarket shelves. So one can anticipate their gov would impose some restrictions. By that time, you come back and ask this minister, where can I buy this and that, it would be too late.

  • Len Attard
    Len AttardMuaj më parë

    There is mass hysteria throughout many countries, including Australia, regarding this new coronavirus. Here one cannot even buy hand sanitizers anymore except online for exorbitant prices. No one should deny that we have a serious health issue here. At the same time let us not forget that at this very moment in the United States of America, over 10,000 people have already died of the common flu; and in Australia 1000-2000 people die of the common flu each year. Australia's total population is about the size of Beijing. Such figure dwarf the number of deaths so far from the new coronavirus. I suggest that people should read the recent opinion of Mike Browse in the South China Morning Post, and attempt to read what is written in the media somewhat more critically.

  • Mark Allen
    Mark AllenMuaj më parë

    I have been in Wuhan. Serving spoons are needed to prevent spread of virus'. I understand it's never been emphasized and you continue to dip your chopsticks in the common serving dishes.

  • Danny Tan
    Danny TanMuaj më parë

    If the 4G team fly to wuhan stay there for 3 weeks without mask and survive then we will believe you in your judgement. In the first day before you start labelling concern people as xenophobic , over react and take action to prevent the virus from reaching our shores , we wouldnt be in this state now. I am ok with the leaders wrong in their judgement and over react everytime regarding virus outbreak. Till now nobody have touch on those who recover , did they suffer any permanent health damage ?

  • Stabbin' Joe Scarborough
    Stabbin' Joe ScarboroughMuaj më parë

    What a stupid stupid man

  • khairul anwar
    khairul anwarMuaj më parë

    Singaporean’s are pathetic When it comes to social crisis. First it was how unfeeling the general public massacres the jobs of food riders and then now it’s how selfish Singaporean’s can become when there’s a crisis , stockpiling food and not give a squirt about others people needs .First class country citizen my ass.

  • Dave Ng
    Dave NgMuaj më parë

    "Fear" is going to cause more deaths

  • Max E
    Max EMuaj më parë

    If a politician or official of some kind there is no need to stockpile necessities, that probably means there is great need to stockpile necessities.

  • Blizzard Gu
    Blizzard GuMuaj më parë

    I’m sharing this info as much as I can: Method of spreading (updated by CN govn by 10 Feb): 1. Aerosol: (sneeze, cough, talk, breath, flushing urine & faeces) put it as the first one as it’s most dangerous; 2. Direct droplet; 3. Touch: mouth nose eyes, anywhere with mucosa. Additional info: 1. it can spread before patient has any symptom called asymptomatic infection; 2. It has a average Incubation period 14 days BUT maximum as know is 24 days; 3. Patients DoNot always have fever, and they sometime shows negative for nucleic acid tests. It’s very hard to confirm diagnose and it’s still being investigated how to solve the problem. To prevent: 1. you need a mask to protect yourself from aerosol and droplet. 2. You need avoid touching yourself before clean your hands using soap or sanitiser containing alcohol. 3. Remove your clothes and take shower, especially clean your hair once arriving at home. 4. DO NOT go to crowded places Nor sharing food with others.

  • Blizzard Gu

    Blizzard Gu

    Muaj më parë

    @Zavier Meotti 1. You need to check the solutions currently Chinese government is taking. Anyone leaving home will be suggested or forced to wear a mask. I don't know where you come from that it increase infection but the most simple example: why do patients and doctors and even healthy citizens wearing a mask? 2. Necessity pf mask: There are multiple countries not marking mask as a must but all of them have very few cases and lower population density. Singapore's population density is much much higher, and the number confirmed cases is highest in aspect of Population vs Territorial Areas outside China, the infected cases are continuously happening and mass gathering going on, mask will become more and more important in this case; 3. Aerosol: There are contradict news from different part of the Chinese medias/government define it is or is not yet proven aerosol infection, but it's first announced by Shanghai government officially on 8 Feb 2020 (Ref:;;; ) on 10 Feb 2020, there again were multiple sources saying it's not yet proven, but theoretical possible, also, there are more and more unexplainable cases if not aerosol such as citizen got infected living 1 floor above an infected neighbour, or the diamond princess cases; 4. Last, you need to consider the mix factors of not wearing a mask, possible transmission via aerosol and Singapore's crowded transportations with massive population flow. As a non symptomatic carrier, follow the current MOH guide, they will NOT wear a mask, and if they sneeze, just think about the result.

  • Zavier Meotti

    Zavier Meotti

    Muaj më parë

    This is factually incorrect. 2019-ncov has not been proven to be spread primarily though aerosol except in symptomatic carriers (who are usually isolated). The largest risk of exposure come from non symptomatic carriers. Wash your hands and don't touch your face. Masks increase face touching and could increase infection also

  • Blizzard Gu

    Blizzard Gu

    Muaj më parë

    Prithivi Raj multiple sources:

  • Prithivi Raj

    Prithivi Raj

    Muaj më parë

    Could you pls share the source of this information?

  • John Ganshow
    John GanshowMuaj më parë

    He reminds me of Baghdad Bob " The americans aren't coming, no need to worry "

  • johnpadvaiskas
    johnpadvaiskasMuaj më parë

    Better safe then sorry you will eat the food any way.

  • David Mai
    David MaiMuaj më parë

    May be they do not trust what the Government say.

  • kokakolaveri
    kokakolaveriMuaj më parë


  • nigel rose
    nigel roseMuaj më parë

    As more and more countries are restricting mask exports, can we acquire some mask making machines? Perhaps Singapore Press Holdings can consider converting some production lines into mask manufacturing so we at least have the needs of healthcare staff covered and since SPH hardcopy papers sales is going downhill?

  • LibertyMatrix
    LibertyMatrixMuaj më parë

    Whenever a public official tells you there's no need to panic, you should panic!

  • Dominic Lee

    Dominic Lee

    Muaj më parë

    @EuphoriCrypto Eu gov trolls detected 20+yr old.

  • stripe1000


    Muaj më parë

    @EuphoriCrypto Eu No offense intended, however, actually your logic is the flawed one in this circumstance. His statement did not refer to anything besides a government's statement to not panic. Your extrapolation of that single topic into other unrelated subjects is a fallacy of logic that is most common. It is called a strawman argument. IF you wished to refute what he was saying then I would recommend attempting to give examples of times when a government told the population not to panic and it turned out there really was no danger to anyone. Not being sarcastic, just trying to be helpful so you don't come across sounding like a politician in your arguments.

  • EuphoriCrypto Eu

    EuphoriCrypto Eu

    Muaj më parë

    They also tell you to stay home if you're sick, practice good hand hygiene. By your logic, I guess you should head out and spread ur sickness, and don't wash ur hands.

  • joe kewl
    joe kewlMuaj më parë

    Think about this: 40,000 infected, but then what happened to them? 900 died. They say 2 nurses may have had it & got better. The rest still have it. So far thats 450 deaths per one recovery. Kinda bleak. Every movie and every video game is some kind of zombie apocalypse, end of the world, Kill everybody, death and destruction so People should be tickled pink. They're getting the world they have always dreamed of. This kind of disease hits. Nobody goes to work the water goes off the electric goes off. There's no food in the stores. There's no kerosene diesel gasoline. They don't get the nuclear reactors shut down then they're going to have a melt down. Who is going to operate the dams? They would burst.There wouldnt be anybody to fight wildfires. There wouldnt be any heat in the winter. No gasoline for the cars. Roads would be blocked anyway. The government would have to blow down the bridges around certain cities and turn them into isolation camps. It wouldn't be the end of the world by any means. The ultra rich and certain isolated people would survive. I don't think it will ever get that bad. There's no need to panic. The people who are in the nursing homes and hospice care know that they dont have long, they are sick, in pain, humiliated by staff, hear screaming all night and are expected to deal with it. When their own family they worked all their life to take care of don't visit them or seem to even care. You know what they say "Okay Boomer" So if they're expected to deal with it so can you. Unlike the normal flu this kills the 20 and 30 year olds, white, black, yellow or red just the same, so at least it doesn't discriminate. Okay millennial. 👌

  • SoothingTouch WellnessCenter
    SoothingTouch WellnessCenterMuaj më parë

    When they tell you there is a small problem, be very worried and *finish* preparations, When they tell you there is nothing to worry about, do NOT panic = because it is way way past the point of panic doing any good = it is too late then - if you were not already prepared by then, there will be very little you can do at that point. Stay calm, be aware, focus, get only the essentials: water, and preserved proteins & fats, sea salt, potassium chloride, magnesium supplements, some carbohydrates, then go home/some where safe and focus on breathing and meditation. Be focused, but calm, when it is out of your hands - pay attention to everything, but "react" to very little, act only when calm and focused in that moment = no worries, no fears, etc... Only time will tell.

  • SoothingTouch WellnessCenter
    SoothingTouch WellnessCenterMuaj më parë

    Government & Mainstream Media is *NOT* credible.. has not been credible for a long time.

  • michael griner
    michael grinerMuaj më parë

    Remember to take your Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar daily

  • Odelia Tan
    Odelia TanMuaj më parë

    This is not SARS. So don't say you are ready & treat it like as if its SARS.

  • God's Amazing Grace
    God's Amazing GraceMuaj më parë

    2nd batch returned from wuhan are quarantined but there may be suspected cases !

  • God's Amazing Grace
    God's Amazing GraceMuaj më parë

    Those Quarantined are not guaranteed that they will Not get infected!!

  • IronmanTeachMaths
    IronmanTeachMathsMuaj më parë

    Singaporean are kiasu

  • Dan The Travel Man
    Dan The Travel ManMuaj më parë

    I’ve been stockpiling vitamins, medicine, gloves, googles, hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, respirators, googles, disinfectant spray...... because I’m going to China, and you can’t get these things anymore. Japan is sold out of masks..

  • David Wu
    David WuMuaj më parë


  • k s chin
    k s chinMuaj më parë

    you fail to do your job to explain clearly beforehand.4g people cannot handle 5g situation.

  • Geena Gador
    Geena GadorMuaj më parë

    This guy is telling us to take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

  • Eva Dien

    Eva Dien

    Muaj më parë




    Muaj më parë

    yep. Bingo.

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