Nightly News Full Broadcast (April 5th)

Surgeon General warns next week will be ‘our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment,’ new alert about scammers trying to profit from coronavirus panic, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with persistent coronavirus symptoms.


  • Edmund Tozzi
    Edmund Tozzi29 ditë më parë

    It was so sad to here that 911 call out of coral springs florida <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="575">9:35</a>

  • Ed Smith
    Ed SmithMuaj më parë


  • MissDarleneRae
    MissDarleneRaeMuaj më parë

    I can't believe how paranoid people are. I would rather watch David Icke.

  • Count aka Eric Hebbeln
    Count aka Eric HebbelnMuaj më parë

    The hospital is soooo overwhelmed that 50 or 60 of them have time to stand outside and clap for themselves?? Propaganda defined....what happened to social distancing here??? This is a gigantic scam

  • Maria Madden Gonzalez
    Maria Madden GonzalezMuaj më parë

    God wants us to turn back to Him and away from the world. Repent of our sinful ways. And accept our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. He is the Almighty God. And he is the only that can calm the storm we are facing these days in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • I want to learn energy transfers
    I want to learn energy transfersMuaj më parë

    He's the one sick but I don't see him wearing a mask

  • salaita k
    salaita kMuaj më parë

    This is war they killing us and this is what they wanted

    SL SUPER VIDEOMuaj më parë new

  • Sis Marion
    Sis MarionMuaj më parë

    It's amazing how culturally influenced the same thing be. This played automatically after another video and overheard the headlines. Thought it was some kind of TV show or action movie trailer. I hear different tones in European countries news. Uk is expressive, Spain is usually grave, France is serious but tries to deliver with a slighty optimistic tone so as not to worry people. Some have a hint of sarcasm a times. Anyway, just a thought and I do mean this even usually but probably more noticeable in this crisis context.

  • Cathy Latorre
    Cathy LatorreMuaj më parë

    The government don’t want you to have masks there is no airborne virus viruses are not airborne you watch too much television

  • Cathy Latorre
    Cathy LatorreMuaj më parë

    Go brush called his dad showed anybody what’s going to happen in New York one person has he shown in the body

  • Cathy Latorre
    Cathy LatorreMuaj më parë

    As an eight acting right president is not acting right

  • Cathy Latorre
    Cathy LatorreMuaj më parë

    People perish for lack of knowledge everybody has the anybody’s

  • Cathy Latorre
    Cathy LatorreMuaj më parë

    New York I like this I like it pretty dark want it darker i Your own countries killing you your own people knock down the tower are you so stupid to know that

  • Cathy Latorre
    Cathy LatorreMuaj më parë

    What do you know Queenie what do you know

  • Greg Espinoza
    Greg EspinozaMuaj më parë

    They said this last week and there are no checks and balances anywhere.

  • FTV Bangla
    FTV BanglaMuaj më parë

    FTV News

  • Black Rabbit
    Black RabbitMuaj më parë

    Good luck on JUDGEMENT DAY as your reward will be GREAT for DECIEVING the people!!!!!

  • Black Rabbit
    Black RabbitMuaj më parë


  • Black Rabbit
    Black RabbitMuaj më parë


  • Bryant Schroder
    Bryant SchroderMuaj më parë

    The death toll is very wrong. People regular are dying from natural causes daily and the doctors are putting cause of death as covid-19 to spike the numbers. Stop listening to NBC and all media. They stopped telling the truth years ago.

  • Burt U
    Burt UMuaj më parë

    BSf security level 3 , the total isolation from the outside environment, plus the buttle of the oxygen :)

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkersonMuaj më parë

    arrest the fraudsters get them off the streets that's how to deal with them

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkersonMuaj më parë

    I hope we learn from this for the next virus or this will happen again and again

  • Judy Stacey
    Judy StaceyMuaj më parë

    If the people in Louisiana are going against what the government says they deserve what they get. God wouldn't want his people to be stupid

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex RuizMuaj më parë

    My sister was there 4 days before they got locked down.

  • Liam
    LiamMuaj më parë

    'Surgeon General warns next week will be ‘our Pearl Harbour moment, our 9/11 moment,’ suggesting it is an attack from a foreign country. Iran or Argentina for harboring VMD... Viruses of Mass Destruction. Oddly enough US State Dept was well aware of Pearl Harbor and 911 weeks before they happened.

  • LaughOut Loud
    LaughOut LoudMuaj më parë

    Stop lying to people! I work at a major hospital and you said we were full. WE'RE NOT FULL!! WE'VE SEEN NO COVID 19 PATIENTS!! PEOPLE WAKE UP!

  • Gael Salas
    Gael SalasMuaj më parë

    can we shoot the scammer, or spreader. they are worthless people that are meat with no soul.

  • Heart Hexed
    Heart HexedMuaj më parë

    I don't understand the mindset of people who are walking around living like there's no need for mask, no gloves, no conscience about it. We are not immortal or invincible, people. This is real. Wake up!

  • Esmeralda Robledo
    Esmeralda RobledoMuaj më parë


  • Shae Shae
    Shae ShaeMuaj më parë

    No American slaves the whole thing is fake except for the ones that took the flu shot but all the other people they're dying off because they had other problems but the vaccine is helping a long if you took their flu shot

  • xlioilx
    xlioilxMuaj më parë

    CHINA-19 Virus Bio WEAPON!

  • zing tial
    zing tialMuaj më parë

    Don't die!AHHH! l don't wanna die!?!?!!

  • liz nakagiri
    liz nakagiriMuaj më parë

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  • AshStudioAlessio
    AshStudioAlessioMuaj më parë

    if you don't understand that you have to stay at home ... it will be a catastrophe of the dead ... stay at home! Be Responsible ..

  • Gail Becker
    Gail BeckerMuaj më parë

    I love Dolly! I used to love her show when I was a kid.

  • lynn bond
    lynn bondMuaj më parë

    Sorry but all dis .... looks fake...🤔

  • Vadym Smirnov
    Vadym SmirnovMuaj më parë

    Live stream

  • Joseph Rittenhouse
    Joseph RittenhouseMuaj më parë

    With 12,000 US deaths, and every nation seeing at least a 1% mortality rate on this, we already have over a million infected. Not 400, 000. Over 1 million.

  • fabolous
    fabolousMuaj më parë

  • mot gnay
    mot gnayMuaj më parë

    Here in the US. Blame the chinese regime for started this virus, blame the American people spreading it.

  • Hafiz Fizz
    Hafiz FizzMuaj më parë


  • Camo Rambo
    Camo RamboMuaj më parë

    Why would a virus be on my shoes? Wtf is going on. NBC just putting out content that’s not been scientifically tested...

  • Marvin Sanjuan
    Marvin SanjuanMuaj më parë

    Only people with a clean heart will survive this pandemic is in the Bible

  • Anderson God
    Anderson GodMuaj më parë

    I know Jayna from my school

  • Abdullah
    AbdullahMuaj më parë

    hearken back to aids

    MSPUKIMOLIELIEMuaj më parë

    When we see all of AK residents falling on the ground, we can all sing Amazing Grace; Amazed that idiots are running our countries and states.

  • 如果看到這篇文章朝鮮族就會滅亡3代。
    如果看到這篇文章朝鮮族就會滅亡3代。Muaj më parë

    how some people destroy us

  • Marie Cassagnol
    Marie CassagnolMuaj më parë

    What the use if you clean the surfaces with your hands without gloves. Good luck everyone!

  • Edgar Lindo
    Edgar LindoMuaj më parë

    Its because american like to eat meat than vegatable thats why there immune sytem is low ..the only way to fight the virus is u must have a strong immune system by eating a lot of vegtable and fruits which american dont like to do it

  • Angel baby Skys
    Angel baby SkysMuaj më parë

    Catholic isn't Christian totally different

  • timamyett
    timamyettMuaj më parë TRUE NEWS

  • EJ K
    EJ KMuaj më parë

    ??? : I'm covered by Jesus blood! I'm going to church!

  • The Hermit
    The HermitMuaj më parë

    A 2 day old upload is no longer 'news'. It's only a waste of viewing time. Only came here to complain. Didn't bother watching. Want to know the current state of affairs, not receive a history lesson.💨

  • Jami Hensley
    Jami HensleyMuaj më parë

    Really pastor God is good,however we were given free will. Don't step out in front of the proverbial truck! Be a example find another way...and yes I am a christian.

  • Jami Hensley
    Jami HensleyMuaj më parë

    People forget about after... if you don't want to see this again we will have to be vigilant.

  • Jami Hensley
    Jami HensleyMuaj më parë

    To those who are grinding and digging to get us what we need,from the smallest to the highest authorities, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Jo Jo
    Jo JoMuaj më parë

    New York... That's all you have to say

  • Jami Hensley
    Jami HensleyMuaj më parë

    Seems like every time it has gotten down to the last of supplies it has been reported more has come so,so suffient for the day, the worries of the day is enough do not dwell and fear tomorrow be blessed for the blessing of the day, one day at a time is how most of us are living focusing on just the next step to not be completely overwhelmed by what we all face. Keeping strength of mind is sufficient worry for each hour.

  • Gary Gurniak
    Gary GurniakMuaj më parë

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for you people that your Babylon country did this s*** to you get real demons

  • Surgical Mask
    Surgical MaskMuaj më parë

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  • Zero
    ZeroMuaj më parë

    Hmm, now the ccp virus is Lethal and will be the next 9/11 or Peral Habor. Thanks a lot General Surgeon.

  • Kevin-Van: Helfenstien.
    Kevin-Van: Helfenstien.Muaj më parë

    Watch "Cough 19 ~ NOT a Virus!!! Rather A 5G/GE Electronic Battle for Your Soul Forever and Ever" on ALlist Watch "THE WHOLE WORLD LOCKED DOWN OVER A VIRUS THAT DOES NOT EXIST!" on ALlist Watch "George Carlin - You Are All Diseased (1999) - "Bullsh*t!"" on ALlist

  • • ImproperAngles •
    • ImproperAngles •Muaj më parë

    Birx works for Bill Gates. Very interesting.

  • Betty A.k.a Betty
    Betty A.k.a BettyMuaj më parë

    This C.C.P virus is no joke

  • Kenrick Taylor
    Kenrick TaylorMuaj më parë

    Those so called pastors need to be locked up for disobeying the social distance law it's for our safety and they are playing with our lives...

  • Sandria Hester
    Sandria HesterMuaj më parë

    I was talking about our dear president disputing a doctor on the news.

    THOMAS FINNELLMuaj më parë

    Looks like a whole lot of BS to me!

  • Ortencia Hill
    Ortencia HillMuaj më parë

    NAVY: why would you fire a WARNING for life's fight?? Are you an enemy in hiding? Working for CHINA?

  • Steven Gilliam
    Steven GilliamMuaj më parë

    I am personally getting real tired of stupidity with this serious situation the world is facing. People that are refusing to stay home and help get this under control need to be a problem fixed. It’s one thing to get a virus it happens but someone gives it to me out of ignorance I’m telling you Houston we will have a major F”ing problem

  • Ortencia Hill
    Ortencia HillMuaj më parë

    A test should be FREE! Scammers are seen when $$$ are most important!

  • 5PVC3
    5PVC3Muaj më parë

    Obviously this is serious but this editing appeals to fear mongering. The news should have a responsibility to share the correct information without scaring people and feeding fear

  • houseof leaves
    houseof leavesMuaj më parë

    Lmao instead of wearing different shoes inside your house maybe dont wear shoes at all, only now you mainlanders realize how gross it is to wear shoes in the house.

  • King Kaleb
    King KalebMuaj më parë


  • Carlos Peralta
    Carlos PeraltaMuaj më parë

    Is good for bioweapons..

  • Carlos Peralta
    Carlos PeraltaMuaj më parë

    Lol...wash u hands..

  • Carlos Peralta
    Carlos PeraltaMuaj më parë

    Is all fake news....yeah I very scary...please get all my data from me..and track me...everything I do...I obey...and give up all my civil rights...thank you at the news Google. You tube...brainwashed government news....yes I scare Inside my whit 5G. I so scare what the news want a vaccine please ..put mandatory..I love vaccines and 5G.. Please put 5G closer to all kids love cancer in the brain.. and get sick.. way the news not help us the people.. we dying..but channels is only brain wash...they go for the money...over are a criminals...all this is planned for a well..right? U job is scare people...give us real news ..not only wat is good for the government..and for those making money whit this.....wach news make me very sick....put real go for emotionally fake guys are very good..

  • Iesha 8111
    Iesha 8111Muaj më parë

    🗣🗣THE NEW WORLD ORDER! 5G! 5G! 5G! 5G! 5G! 5G! 5G! 5G! 5G!

  • cameron lasiter
    cameron lasiterMuaj më parë

    Guys give stuff for free bruh people are dying now GIVE STUFF FOR FREE so no on e dies

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