Keeping Heritage Alive In Singapore | Show Me The City | Full Episode

From a 15-year old Chinese opera singer to an artist creating Singapore-inspired Rangoli and a man reviving Kristang, an almost extinct language, find out what it means to be a true-blue Singaporean.
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About Show Me The City: What does it mean to be Singaporean? Host Deborah Emmanuel attempts to answer this question as she uncovers the passions, lives and perspectives of the people she meets in the Lion City.
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  • because Siajsjswjksjskdjd
    because SiajsjswjksjskdjdMuaj më parë

    Copy dari egypt india tak ade budaya sendiri kasian ambek budaya org tempel ka muke aduh.

  • Lina P

    Lina P

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    because Siajsjswjksjskdjd Abende ko ni?

  • afendi ujud
    afendi ujudMuaj më parë

    Some try to snoop into other be other races so thatvthereccan estblish business and put their race to holdvthe business.

  • Tony Faxton
    Tony FaxtonMuaj më parë

    When CNA does a story on Japan or Korea, it's always about kidnapping, drug, poor people living on the street, or prostitution but, when they do south Asia, or China, it's always about touching story that will make you feel like Singapore is the best place in the world to live. Completely biased, and unfair portrayal. Shame on you CNA.

  • Euronic Phobia

    Euronic Phobia

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    You sure?

  • Marc Lim
    Marc LimMuaj më parë

    I love this!

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