• John McNamara
    John McNamara4 orë më parë

    Is this a Joke

  • Elif Aydoğdu
    Elif Aydoğdu4 orë më parë

    Me after this video: how to be watermelon?

  • Angel Warr
    Angel Warr4 orë më parë

    Omg this is why we love u Harry xx

  • fucked-up- teen
    fucked-up- teen4 orë më parë

    I couldn't even watch the whole video, I'm so fuking jealous 😭

  • Farhana Shultana
    Farhana Shultana4 orë më parë

    IA11222 2w2 3r

  • Xumen Mg
    Xumen Mg4 orë më parë

    What happened on May, 18 2020

  • day dreamer
    day dreamer4 orë më parë


  • Morgan Attwell
    Morgan Attwell4 orë më parë

    i literally have no words for this. it's absolutely stunning beyond belief

  • marina krammes
    marina krammes5 orë më parë

    phisically i'm okay, mentally i'm bruised

  • Abigail Logan
    Abigail Logan5 orë më parë

    He’s like to 2020 version of Elton john.....

  • Roblox Unicorn 9943
    Roblox Unicorn 99435 orë më parë

    now i hate watermelons

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini5 orë më parë

    So I have now come to conclusion that this song isn't about watermelon.

  • Jashanil Evangelista
    Jashanil Evangelista5 orë më parë

    I just want to be a watermelon 😭

  • Mimi Wey
    Mimi Wey5 orë më parë


    UMESH MESSI5 orë më parë

    Now watermelon got another meaning

  • bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    5 orë më parë

    Wow😲 that's a lot of hungry people

    UMESH MESSI5 orë më parë

    I wanna make a party like this one

    UMESH MESSI5 orë më parë

    His voice is like maroon5

    UMESH MESSI5 orë më parë

    Harry styles yummy video be like... ⬇️Make this blue if you agree

  • Tess Taylor
    Tess Taylor5 orë më parë

    the vibes in this are just EVERYTHING

  • sofii
    sofii6 orë më parë

    Harry: breath me in... Me: exhale slow take me to anywhere u wanna gooo

  • Daffy Duck
    Daffy Duck6 orë më parë

    the king of pop is here to save the industry

  • thatbyotch
    thatbyotch6 orë më parë

    the fact that he had mixed feelings for this song, he really cares about his fans and thats on periodt'

  • K-popDayCore
    K-popDayCore6 orë më parë

    This man likes fruit.

  • K-popDayCore
    K-popDayCore6 orë më parë

    To touching what

  • Lexie burchett
    Lexie burchett6 orë më parë

    new summer song wooo i love it

  • Emanuela Lorusso
    Emanuela Lorusso6 orë më parë

    In the moment <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="161">2:41</a> he haves watermelon on the nose XD

  • Churlley
    Churlley6 orë më parë

    When he touches the watermelon, I get chills. STOP HARRY

  • Luyanda Manyathela
    Luyanda Manyathela6 orë më parë

    I used to be o irritated when people spoke about Harry Styles and now I'm irritating myself

  • yo soy la mejor
    yo soy la mejor7 orë më parë

    No mames, 😂😂😂 Creo que ya tenemos claro de qué habla

  • OM p Chy
    OM p Chy7 orë më parë

    Wow😲 that's a lot of hungry people

    HARSH KHARE7 orë më parë


    HARSH KHARE7 orë më parë


  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts7 orë më parë

    i thought it was a family show

  • M
    M7 orë më parë

    Is this lights up version 2

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster697 orë më parë

    so i read somewhere that this is a sexual innuendo to when you can see the dick through the other person's belly while doing it, idk tho

  • kriswana julianto
    kriswana julianto7 orë më parë


  • kriswana julianto
    kriswana julianto7 orë më parë


  • kriswana julianto
    kriswana julianto7 orë më parë


  • Iris Percy Lee Pamil
    Iris Percy Lee Pamil7 orë më parë

    Really is similar with PEACH JAM

  • Christian Zafra
    Christian Zafra7 orë më parë

    This is me and my sis

    ツMNᎾЅHᎯ8 orë më parë

    هل من عربي هنا؟ 😂💔☝️

  • Julz Gaskell
    Julz Gaskell8 orë më parë

    English teachers would have a fit with this video omg they make everything into innuendo

  • GreanTii


    6 orë më parë


  • Seth Seth
    Seth Seth8 orë më parë

    Let stream this song to 1 billion views we can do it 🥳🥳🥳

  • The Rated R
    The Rated R8 orë më parë

    Morala: da-i limbi !

  • Pedro Maurício
    Pedro Maurício8 orë më parë

    Why Watermelon Sugar??

  • Hitoshi Shinsou
    Hitoshi Shinsou8 orë më parë

    I got an idea for merch. Get some sugar, put it in a nice red jar. Name it watermelon sugar. I'd buy it

  • Amanis channel !!!
    Amanis channel !!!8 orë më parë

    Harry baby were are the boys ur post to be mine 😖😂

  • welcome directioner
    welcome directioner8 orë më parë

    Harry dioso,vos mugroso

  • Грустная девочка
    Грустная девочка8 orë më parë

    Am I the only one who loves how he bites on beat at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a>?

  • Rishikesh Choudhary
    Rishikesh Choudhary8 orë më parë

    Director: how many girls you need Harry: yessss!!

  • Rozheen Palani
    Rozheen Palani9 orë më parë

    All he is saying is watermelon suger

  • Lærke Ullerup Schjerning
    Lærke Ullerup Schjerning9 orë më parë

    I mis the group😢

  • Bb Blackmore
    Bb Blackmore9 orë më parë

    Whatever you do, don’t imagine harry walking on the beach singing what makes you beautiful to himself. And bringing back all the memories of one direction and how happy they all were.

  • Lorreisha Saintil
    Lorreisha Saintil9 orë më parë

    Everyone : Already knowing what the song means👀 Me : Having to watch the video in order to understand😮😳

  • percy smokes
    percy smokes10 orë më parë

    Didnt ever think ad b searching for harry fukin styles 👍🏻😂😂🤣💨

  • Roth Fam Fun
    Roth Fam Fun10 orë më parë

    Oh boy Harry got crushed with the ladies I’m assuming that this video was shot in LA Hollywood.

  • No Name
    No Name10 orë më parë


  • Audrey Thompson
    Audrey Thompson10 orë më parë

    he is so beautiful

  • Usman Ahmed
    Usman Ahmed10 orë më parë

    wait is this the same beach as what makes you beautiful?

  • Maryam Ashogbon
    Maryam Ashogbon10 orë më parë

    I wonder if he ate all of the seeds or like wat??🙂🙃🤨😍😍

  • ItsYaBoiSteven
    ItsYaBoiSteven10 orë më parë

    This music video is sponsored by watermelons

  • Krittika Biswas
    Krittika Biswas11 orë më parë

    The mv is cringy nd satisfying both at the same time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Georgia Carlson
    Georgia Carlson11 orë më parë

    hi happy pride month this video just made me 100% more bisexual

  • fakita rodriguezz
    fakita rodriguezz11 orë më parë


    CHAMPIONSHIP Zed11 orë më parë

    Harry:. 🍉🍉🍉🍉 Me: 🤤

  • Vanshiii 10
    Vanshiii 1011 orë më parë

    Hes sch an angel 😍

  • kateventurous
    kateventurous11 orë më parë

    the most bisexual thing

  • Kaylee Robbins
    Kaylee Robbins11 orë më parë

    This music video is so weird.Its people like him who make me wish I wasn’t a 14 year old girl who get stereotyped to like him and be self diagnosed with depression

  • Bethany Missterious
    Bethany Missterious11 orë më parë

    His smile is so contagious 😄😄😄

  • nethanya
    nethanya11 orë më parë

    Who’s here in 2030?

  • Victoria Isabel
    Victoria Isabel11 orë më parë

    I was here when this was at 20k views

  • Jasmeet Singh
    Jasmeet Singh11 orë më parë

    Everytime I see him I get Leonardo di caprio vibes 🥰

  • Juan Chambi Jr.
    Juan Chambi Jr.11 orë më parë

    como q tiene un aire a ´´cuando calienta el sol.´´ xd

  • Nikhil Shinde
    Nikhil Shinde11 orë më parë

    This song is sweet as its name 🙂❤🥰

  • Melina Hotza
    Melina Hotza12 orë më parë

    When he threw the watermelon high😂

  • Fe Gubac
    Fe Gubac12 orë më parë

    okay but i thought this is a family show

  • Kaveri Bhalerao
    Kaveri Bhalerao12 orë më parë

    If u ever wanted to be a watermelon in ur life. Don't worry u r not alone!

  • DIEGO XD09
    DIEGO XD0912 orë më parë

    guardame lechuga

  • Fauziia Akhtar
    Fauziia Akhtar12 orë më parë

    That watermelon must be blessed

  • victoria t.
    victoria t.12 orë më parë

    Harry, this is a family show😂

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