Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo10 ditë më parë

    Hope you’re all well 💙

  • Desiree Kp

    Desiree Kp

    5 orë më parë

    Im sick😭

  • Amber McAllister

    Amber McAllister

    13 orë më parë

    Same to you!!!

  • Kaytlynn Zamzis

    Kaytlynn Zamzis

    14 orë më parë

    Brad Mondo You’re my favorite to watch during this quarantine. I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair or changing it during this quarantine but watching your videos is a happy healthy distraction to keep me from damaging my hair 😂😂

  • ricoparties


    Ditë më parë

    What dye would you recommend if you were to go blonde, and later want to go dark brown/black, but not stain the hair too much to later go black to blonde ?

  • katie Schwartz

    katie Schwartz

    Ditë më parë

    Im a bit sick but i think its the common cold idk what i should do?

  • issavlog
    issavlogMinutë më parë

    that intro made me feel so loved

  • Rachel Edwards
    Rachel Edwards44 minuta më parë

    What does compromised hair mean?

  • Sarah Wright
    Sarah WrightOrë më parë

    I never understand why they don't do the roots last..... Doesn't the heat from ur head speed up the process of ur roots? I'm definitely not a hair dresser but it makes sense to me to do them last... I'm probably wrong tho....

  • Pasta Queen!!!!
    Pasta Queen!!!!Orë më parë

    I work at sallys beauty supply, and I keep having to explain to people bleaching their heair that T18 isn't the only toner, but that it's to light for the color they are at, and so many people panic thinking their hair will come out the color of the swatches. N no one believes me when I tell them how much bleach they need to fully coat their hair, it's extremely annoying when they think 1 or 2 2oz packets will cover their sholder length or longer hair

  • Tay Laine
    Tay LaineOrë më parë

    Is that a MAGIC EARRING KEN SHIRT?????!?!

  • amanda mcrae
    amanda mcrae2 orë më parë

    I did that and the a-hole fried my long hair. It didn't even feel like hair she cut 7 inches off then blamed it on me. Even though i told her everything i ever did to my hiar. I never belch it. The only thing i did with my hair was a Semipermanent red and this might sound crazy but a toner for my roots for the red to grab on to it totally work. My hair was a very pretty maroon. Didn't give me any money back so 600 down the drain. Then 6 months later cutt 7 inches off after just bitting the bullet. And took 7more months to cutt all of it out. Should have just had my mom do it.....

  • Tatterwing
    Tatterwing3 orë më parë

    I want your blonde shampoo and conditioner! I did my own red to blonde recently, went super well! 🖤 I frickin love you

  • Tödörökixbakugóxdeku
    Tödörökixbakugóxdeku3 orë më parë

    I just had a dark red color in my hair. It's been in there for about a year. I just dyed it blue today. I love it ^^ it's shaded blue and purple. Looks awesome! But the bleach- DAMN that stuff burns!

  • Alina Star
    Alina Star4 orë më parë

    What Brandi really needs to do is stop filming while she’s driving and look at the road before she hurts somebody.

  • Ash Bath
    Ash Bath4 orë më parë

    I hate when people drive and record themselves while talking to the camera instead paying attention to the road

  • Lyndsey B
    Lyndsey B4 orë më parë

    "You can't be bringing yourself down or else I'll be out of a job!!" It's a good thing Brad isn't my therapist...He'd definitely be out of a job

  • roie1077
    roie10774 orë më parë

    I’ve been dying my hair bright red for five years. I would not dream of changing it back to blonde at home. I would terrified I would ruin my hair.

  • xmrw0nqzlifex
    xmrw0nqzlifex5 orë më parë

    Can you do a reaction from black to blonde?

  • Nicole Cappiello
    Nicole Cappiello5 orë më parë

    First girl sounds like Katniss Everdeen

  • Greg Gunderson
    Greg Gunderson5 orë më parë

    That moment when there’s 999 dislikes... and you’re reeeeeeaallyyy tempted butt NO

  • Corona is not fun
    Corona is not fun6 orë më parë

    i cut myself bangs yesterday and they don't look like shit !!! :)

  • Ireland EVR
    Ireland EVR8 orë më parë

    I'm from Maine where Covid 19 is spreading like wild fire right now. My cousin is now fighting the virus. She's been hospitalized. Her two kids now have it. It sucks cause no one can visit her. Hope everyone else is doing well.

  • Dustin Noaks
    Dustin Noaks9 orë më parë


  • Dustin Noaks
    Dustin Noaks9 orë më parë

    Lmao bitch I’m weak but T18 really is a mess I’m living for T14 right now

  • Savannah Fitzgerald
    Savannah Fitzgerald9 orë më parë

    i wish i recorded my hair i went black with box dye and dyed it 5 times in a week and it fell out

  • Tk1947
    Tk19479 orë më parë

    What inspires your 90s underground gay bright goth clothing style?

  • krisnotes1979
    krisnotes197910 orë më parë

    Thank you Mondo! This is just what I needed for my stay at home boredom. The funny thing about this is I currently have red hair and I was thinking about going blonde for the summer. I think I'll just be satisfied with these videos instead. I'll leave my red head alone.

  • Elizabeth Bayley
    Elizabeth Bayley10 orë më parë

    Looks like a damn broomstick!! 😂😂😂

  • Tig
    Tig10 orë më parë

    I had black permanent dyed hair, used vitamin c and shampoo for 30 mins and was left with light orange hair...absolutely works

  • Kayla Samuel
    Kayla Samuel10 orë më parë


  • Kaitlin Boyd
    Kaitlin Boyd10 orë më parë

    I’ve gone red to blonde to black to blonde to red to blonde WAY TOO MANY TIMES in my life haha miss my red but I know I’ll miss my blonde soon after so I lived and learned enough, do not recommend 😂

  • Tyler Lavigne
    Tyler Lavigne10 orë më parë

    Is there a way to remove a red colour stain from hair without bleach? I know about the Vitamin C method but don't want to try it if it wont do anything and waste my time. I'm going blonde (with my hairdresser after the pandemic is over - I'm not crazy i will not bleach my hair at home) and just wanted to know if there is a way to lighten it a bit while I wait :)

  • SofíaH!
    SofíaH!11 orë më parë

    doign this type of things at home is not always because of money. I know that dying my hair at home will turn more expensive and worse than doing it with a professional but I HATE SALONS IN MY AREA ahahahaha

    -MICHAELAKM-12 orë më parë

    I paused the video as soon as you talked about your blonde shampoo and conditioner BITCH REMIND ME

  • Heather Renee
    Heather Renee12 orë më parë

    I’ve been dying my hair red for like 10 years now and this quarantine has me thinking I should just buy a bucket of bleach from amazon and go for it... if it gets fucked up hey at least I don’t have anywhere to go for another 2-4 weeks! 🤣🤣

  • TheRealBetty Boop
    TheRealBetty Boop13 orë më parë

    Question. Since your a hairdresser and stuck inside yourself, are you cutting your own hair or leaving it to grow out?

  • Becky Hunt
    Becky Hunt13 orë më parë

    You the best I love watching you getting me through this lock down shite!

  • Natasha Owen
    Natasha Owen13 orë më parë

    Wish I'd filmed my red to blonde transformation 7 years ago.... It was a disaster hated it so much and went back to red almost immediately.... Lost about 8 inches of hair too!!! 😬

  • q-witch
    q-witch13 orë më parë

    where did you get the shirt?

  • Pauline O'Riley
    Pauline O'Riley14 orë më parë

    i'm sorry but these girls are not very smart.

  • Lillian
    Lillian14 orë më parë

    Your videos MAKE me want to dye my hair And exists This is all kinda on you, brad.

  • Shannon Clarke
    Shannon Clarke14 orë më parë

    Yes we are staying inside which is exactly why I'm going to bleach my own hair and probably fuck it up💀💀

  • Shelby Wells
    Shelby Wells14 orë më parë

    How would you think a black to red fade would look like on long curly hair

  • Dare Elise
    Dare Elise15 orë më parë

    Well.. to be honest.. I’m going quarantine crazy and bleaching my dark dark hair...

  • Linda Payton
    Linda Payton16 orë më parë

    i love you tho

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie16 orë më parë

    I fell down a Brad Mondo rabbit hole two days ago and I am loving it! So obsessed with you

  • Belen Wooley
    Belen Wooley16 orë më parë

    Yu should do makeup no nos

  • Belen Wooley
    Belen Wooley16 orë më parë

    Hi love yur channel

  • Mia Cheslawski
    Mia Cheslawski17 orë më parë

    My mom follows u on Instagram 😂🤣♥️😅

  • the essential renee
    the essential renee17 orë më parë

    you are such an awesome human, either that or an awesome actor. either way: awesome.

  • Maggie Roark
    Maggie Roark17 orë më parë

    listen dawg.. i would totally get it done professionally if it wasn't 80$ for a questionable hair color. if i want something i cant do myself then forget it lol

  • Royal
    Royal18 orë më parë


  • malaysianandmoral
    malaysianandmoral18 orë më parë

    I would die for that shirt

  • Dannie Sweeper
    Dannie Sweeper18 orë më parë

    Bangs lol

  • jordan mahoney
    jordan mahoney19 orë më parë

    The first girl used the WORST bleach!!! I had that And it doesn’t do shit

  • Emma M.
    Emma M.19 orë më parë

    damn you know sm about hair. i feel like if i put water on one hair strand, you’d scream at me

  • Nadine Luedicke
    Nadine Luedicke19 orë më parë

    Hey Brad, I love your videos! I have a question about semi-permanent hair color. I have brown hair and want to play around with color a bit without commiting to bleach. I used the darker red/pink tones from the directions pots a while ago and they showed up as a nice color tint on my dark hair - however i feel they are very damaging/drying for hair. does anybody know any hairproducts, that dont dry out the hair so much? o,o (and yes, i know its only going to be a color tint for me. i just want to play around a bit during self-quarantine times :D)

  • ibuprofem
    ibuprofem19 orë më parë

    i've tried this. was ginger for 3 months.

  • Jodie Aubry
    Jodie Aubry20 orë më parë

    This shirt dude 😍 and this haircut loveeeee

  • Princess Pat
    Princess Pat21 orë më parë

    he looks good in lilac

  • Nick Jung
    Nick Jung21 orë më parë

    very arron carter moment and im here for it

  • Linnéa Backelund
    Linnéa Backelund22 orë më parë

    I have done it many times. 🤷🏻‍♀️ my redhair was amazing

  • Jazmine Cavanough
    Jazmine Cavanough23 orë më parë

    Happy Quarantine, ohhhhhhh lord 😂😂❤️

  • cat' slife
    cat' slifeDitë më parë

    Good day for brad.

  • Stephanie Powell
    Stephanie PowellDitë më parë

    Ok but can we talk about that girl filming while driving? STOP 🛑 IT!

  • Nevaeh Hinds
    Nevaeh HindsDitë më parë

    How the hell is she driving without her hands on the weel

  • Nevaeh Hinds
    Nevaeh HindsDitë më parë

    I feel so Bad for brad that he needs to repeat that THE ROOTS LIGHTEN FASTER

  • savannah duncan
    savannah duncanDitë më parë

    Okay but I need actual help. HOW TF DO YOU GET BLACK TO BLONDE!!!! I need serious help.

  • Lead_Marie
    Lead_MarieDitë më parë

    Brad I’m dyeing my friends are for tiktok and tagging you just sayin lol love you

  • Crystal Monge
    Crystal MongeDitë më parë

    Is henna dye bad for your hair?

  • iiSalmon
    iiSalmonDitë më parë

    fun fact: that saloncare 30 cream is used by sneakerheads to get rid of yellowing on shoes

  • Caity
    CaityDitë më parë

    Brad: I hate this colour Girl: *straightens hair and puts on makeup* Brad: I love this colour

  • jenestra
    jenestraDitë më parë

    Hearing Brad's "Hi Beautiful" makes me so happy. ❤

  • Juul Girl
    Juul GirlDitë më parë

    I want to go to the salon but its closed and Corona virus hates us.

  • Sarah Raichle
    Sarah RaichleDitë më parë

    Can we take about how Brandi was driving and 100% not paying attention and barely had 1 hand on the wheel?!?

  • Sarah Raichle

    Sarah Raichle

    Ditë më parë

    Yup... Late to the party

  • Danielle Clement
    Danielle ClementDitë më parë

    Thank you for your continued content! My mom is in the late stages of COPD and obviously is incredibly scared, anxious, bored. She recently discovered you and LOVES you lol Thank you for contributing to her happiness and healthy mental health

  • StephDuddy
    StephDuddyDitë më parë

    I went to a hairdresser at 13 to go from brown to blonde after 3 hours it waa still orange and fried my hair. Biggest mistake ever

  • Cryssy Gaming
    Cryssy GamingDitë më parë

    I find t14 is the best :D

  • Cierra Powers
    Cierra PowersDitë më parë

    I just started the process of going faded red to blonde since im stuck in quarantine and this was actually helpful hahaha

  • Valerieinthesky
    ValerieintheskyDitë më parë

    I wish I could like this video a million times I can not get enough!!!!

  • Jamie Sorrosa
    Jamie SorrosaDitë më parë

    Thanks for the smile, man. I needed it.

  • Nomthekoala
    NomthekoalaDitë më parë

    For the brandi in the car thing. She might have a self driving car, not supporting the fact that she took her hands off the wheel. But it could have been that situation. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Valerieinthesky
    ValerieintheskyDitë më parë

    We are dying our hair during quarantine!!!!

  • streamDNA
    streamDNADitë më parë

    no-no, it's red to bald!

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