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Usher - Burn

Usher - Burn

Usher - Missin U (Audio)

Usher - Missin U (Audio)

Usher - Numb

Usher - Numb

Usher - Numb (Audio)

Usher - Numb (Audio)

Usher - Dive

Usher - Dive

Usher - Climax (Audio)

Usher - Climax (Audio)

Usher - OMG ft.

Usher - OMG ft.

Usher - Call Me A Mack

Usher - Call Me A Mack

Usher - Think Of You

Usher - Think Of You

Usher - U-Turn

Usher - U-Turn

Usher - Can U Get Wit It

Usher - Can U Get Wit It


  • Pinkish Toon
    Pinkish Toon11 minuta më parë

    I got here from "Revenge but every 4 beats it changes to 'DJ got us falling in love'"

  • Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond
    Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond13 minuta më parë

    I, Usher Raymond is still marry to her she know the truthfinder about me if anyone enter into a Credit card we will find you we are on CORI background that was put on Carollynn Porter all cops are in around the world yes credit cards do work outside of the USA online only you can't shop inside the store with yours illegal credit the rich gamble is back on Carollynn J Porter Massachusetts Driver's License to our Carollynn Porter Union 65CP & Alfred Porter Union 66LP

  • Adam Rayes
    Adam Rayes40 minuta më parë

    damn why usher gotta look so fuckin cool in this video mf flying all over the dance floor and smoking cigars

  • Tony matherfucka
    Tony matherfucka47 minuta më parë

    The best 🙏👍

  • Nicerator 2007
    Nicerator 200748 minuta më parë

    Im living in germany and this just played in my radio...

  • Shuayb Saed
    Shuayb Saed49 minuta më parë

    When bluetooth was more important than wi-fi 🤔

  • puryear40
    puryear4053 minuta më parë

    Thank You Usher bringing back that grown and sexy🔥🔥🔥

  • Melissa Niemann
    Melissa Niemann57 minuta më parë

    Usher was carved by Angel's I been watching all his videos and I will watch them all over again. His music , the lyrics ... AWESOMENESS

  • Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond
    Carollynn Usher Porter RaymondOrë më parë

    I am Prince Henry in London UK as Jeramy Santos facebook got a child born in the month of March it is a boy they know they ran out of time and money so how did they have a wedding without credit

  • Michelle H
    Michelle HOrë më parë

    Who’s here from the Kermit the frog vine:) | | | V

  • Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond
    Carollynn Usher Porter RaymondOrë më parë

    Lil Jon they are trying to rip though out sexbeat tell My Husband Carollynn Porter Raymond that I love him is my wife Usher Raymond ok after having the baby you look cute inside the picture

  • 420Player
    420PlayerOrë më parë

    420 mil views, nice.

  • diamond mimi
    diamond mimiOrë më parë

    I love usher

  • Windows 193 Future Edition
    Windows 193 Future EditionOrë më parë


  • rochead2688
    rochead2688Orë më parë

    90s early 2000s good vibes music 🎶. This has been missing for a while

  • Enes Doğdu
    Enes DoğduOrë më parë


  • sweezer sabir
    sweezer sabirOrë më parë

    Bass is deep deep underground...

  • Janaina Mota
    Janaina MotaOrë më parë


  • Maynard Manahan
    Maynard ManahanOrë më parë

    when sony ericsson is so fuckin' good hahaha

  • Pantelis Vidakis
    Pantelis VidakisOrë më parë


  • Brrye Sotto
    Brrye SottoOrë më parë

    who’s here 2020 year of covid

  • CyanPixelDev
    CyanPixelDevOrë më parë

    Fun fact: *I* searched oh yeah yeah and found old song when I'm 5

  • Alex Torres
    Alex TorresOrë më parë


  • Denise Rhodes
    Denise Rhodes2 orë më parë

    Vibing and feeling this sex beat🔥got my body moving some type of way🔥🔥

  • Diva
    Diva2 orë më parë

    yea..yea....usher....i love ur music.....yea...yea....

  • Cosmicocielo
    Cosmicocielo2 orë më parë

    G I U S T I Z I A

  • Viktør Køvács
    Viktør Køvács2 orë më parë

    420million. lol

  • 1st account Amanda Beth Judy called me MANDI
    1st account Amanda Beth Judy called me MANDI2 orë më parë

    I love this song

  • The_original_ Lyrics
    The_original_ Lyrics2 orë më parë

    When life use to make sense 😢😢

  • 1mmasinner
    1mmasinner2 orë më parë

    Who's come bcs jaehyun ? Ok. Just me

  • Kesebonye Legeru
    Kesebonye Legeru3 orë më parë

    Nicki minaj😭💪❤

  • Lara Escocard
    Lara Escocard3 orë më parë


  • Anandha Monteiro
    Anandha Monteiro3 orë më parë


  • Desiree Richey
    Desiree Richey3 orë më parë

    This is adorable! Bring this good clean kinda fun back into the world in 2020!🥰

  • Loretta Fleming
    Loretta Fleming3 orë më parë

    3:16 the girl from Neyo video One In A Million

  • M R
    M R3 orë më parë

    If R&B music was still thriving and people bought and supported R&B everywhere; Usher's popularity at this stage would be 1000000x (in all categories) would be higher than it sadly is right now, and he would have the vanguard award, been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, etc by now. He would have every lifetime achievement award known to man. Not just the many awards he has now and end of decade chart victories he had in the past, but he would have achieved more. People have not given his last two albums a chance and it frustrating and depressing to be an Usher fan these days because he is not winning and going down in history as one of the greats. I hope he will get through these dark moments in his career and make it again and make the music that makes his fans very satisfied. When Confessions 2 sequel album comes out, please everyone read about it and pay attention to updates regarding and support the CD, stream it pronto when his new CD comes out, since I'm 1000% confident even in the next decade people will still be playing Confessions CD for the rest of their lives.

  • Marcel Cater
    Marcel Cater3 orë më parë

    Can somebody build me a time machine... I wanna be happy again bro

  • Tamera Williams
    Tamera Williams3 orë më parë

    I like this video

  • sajigato mau
    sajigato mau3 orë më parë

    Minecraft xd

  • JoAnne Franklin
    JoAnne Franklin3 orë më parë

    KNOW, BEFORE,YOU GO*✨✨✨🎯🛣️ /boundaries/

  • Jordanne B
    Jordanne B3 orë më parë

    That hip roll tho 👅

  • Shubham Khatri
    Shubham Khatri3 orë më parë

    I remember there was another version of this song with a different rap by Pitbull which was way better. Anyone know where I can find that?

  • Руслан Ни
    Руслан Ни4 orë më parë

    Ёкараный бабай песня такая старая, но такая классная!!!

  • Tenex YT
    Tenex YT2 orë më parë

    еееееееееееееееее ееееееееееее еёеёеёеёеееееееееееееее

    FLY EAGLES FLY4 orë më parë

    Takes me back to high school!! Especially the high school dances!! If this shit was playing while you entered you felt like a boss!!

  • Lisandro Caro
    Lisandro Caro4 orë më parë

    Dou like si te gusta la música y la estás viendo en 2020

  • Maria Chirita
    Maria Chirita4 orë më parë

    Wait why tf is everyone comparing this god tier song to frozen wtf

  • JoAnne Franklin
    JoAnne Franklin4 orë më parë

    IF YOU ALL WEREN'T SO DAM CHEAP RUNNING AROUND, YOU WILL NOT BE SNEAKING.... around, be cheap funky, disgusting, diseased....being despicable 🖐️🙆‍♀️✨✨💻🎯

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer4 orë më parë

    Idk how i found this song.

  • Pamela Ofori
    Pamela Ofori4 orë më parë

    Chains - by Usher, Nas & Bibi

  • Moun Mks
    Moun Mks4 orë më parë

    Morocco style 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦👌👌👌

  • Joe Watts
    Joe Watts4 orë më parë

    What a voice

  • Silvana Durão
    Silvana Durão4 orë më parë

    The remix is better!

  • Lynn Phillips
    Lynn Phillips4 orë më parë

    THIS is how you bring sexy back!!

  • Marcus Andrews
    Marcus Andrews4 orë më parë


  • Balemba Oben
    Balemba Oben4 orë më parë

    Men I can't remember when I made love in the club this music makes me think of old times

  • steven Stansbury
    steven Stansbury4 orë më parë

    What girl got my grandson caught up?

  • Martyna Milewska
    Martyna Milewska5 orë më parë

    There is someone from tik tok? | | | V

  • Reem Adel
    Reem Adel5 orë më parë

    after watching creeper aw man first. I don't know this.

  • Christina Gbaya
    Christina Gbaya5 orë më parë

    Ok let's be honest every kid that was born in 2000 to 208 this was there fav song and these was in almost every school in the dance in 2000's

  • Orhan Toprak
    Orhan Toprak5 orë më parë

    Eskidendi oxx

  • Luiza Lins
    Luiza Lins5 orë më parë

    Escutei muito essa.

    PUBG GAMER5 orë më parë

    Who is still here in 2020 ?

  • FrenziedParticle
    FrenziedParticle5 orë më parë

    I prefer Kermit the frog's cover

  • NATALIE Dolan
    NATALIE Dolan5 orë më parë

    I love this song

  • Løving Mïka
    Løving Mïka5 orë më parë

    How could somebody not love this song?

    PKNBPKNB6 orë më parë

    This sounds like a song that could have been on Michael's Invincible album.

  • marckhees 2k
    marckhees 2k6 orë më parë


  • A S H L I N K
    A S H L I N K6 orë më parë

    Listening to favourites in this quarantine makes it feel less boring 🤤

  • The Great Old One
    The Great Old One6 orë më parë


  • Fati Z
    Fati Z6 orë më parë

    This was filmed in Morocco

  • Raisa Chilmia
    Raisa Chilmia6 orë më parë

    Jaehyun brought me here

  • Angelinah T Ndlovu
    Angelinah T Ndlovu6 orë më parë

    Man! 💔⛓️🔗 #BlackLivesMatter To this day!

  • Jerry Gardner
    Jerry Gardner6 orë më parë

    this song sounds so very very beautiful and so sweet love this so much usher is so sexy and so beautiful love so good and so attractive look so handsome

  • Sheila Hardmon
    Sheila Hardmon6 orë më parë

    Love this song!!!! JD and Usher yes!!!!

  • Carolina Silva
    Carolina Silva6 orë më parë

    Que rica comida me dieron ganas de comer

  • Snezana Velemirov
    Snezana Velemirov6 orë më parë

    Uvek dobar

  • Meka Lawson
    Meka Lawson7 orë më parë

    Whoa!!!! Yasss baby yasss quarantine ain't stopping the real music being produced.. keep it coming babies straight fire 💋💋💋👏👏🙌😍😋😊🥰😉

  • Brilllkid 984
    Brilllkid 9847 orë më parë

    Friend:Did quarantine bring you here? Me:

  • Nega G.T
    Nega G.T7 orë më parë

    Vai luan🇧🇷

  • Anindya Roy The Tech master
    Anindya Roy The Tech master7 orë më parë

    who's here after minecraft parody?

  • natasha shahrir
    natasha shahrir7 orë më parë

    our man has a good taste ( yunooh who am i talking about)

  • UJIya
    UJIya7 orë më parë

    Шел 2020 год 30 мая, досихпор я тут

  • trinityc1970
    trinityc19707 orë më parë

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Lil Jon and Ludacris came through on this track! They spanked all the ladies' asses on this track (Don't act like you didn't like that, sis)! Glad to hear you're back, @Usher!

  • 7 orë më parë

    I still have absolutely nothing to offer

  • Glenn Evans
    Glenn Evans7 orë më parë

    I love this song.

  • Coleman Coleman
    Coleman Coleman7 orë më parë


  • CirculateWealth
    CirculateWealth7 orë më parë

    Hi Five sample RIP Tony Thompson Waco!!!

  • L3turn _
    L3turn _8 orë më parë

    this song is legandery

  • Nedorb
    Nedorb8 orë më parë

    He looks like Paul George and a black Chester V from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  • Putri Lukitasari Prayogyo
    Putri Lukitasari Prayogyo8 orë më parë

    Who comes here because jung yuno??

  • Zara Ahmed
    Zara Ahmed7 orë më parë

    Me he has good taste

  • Aysa Jeenbekova
    Aysa Jeenbekova8 orë më parë

    Yeahhhhhh 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🌟😍🤩🤩🤩 Usher baby

  • Gopal Rathore
    Gopal Rathore8 orë më parë

    Still gets same vibes

  • Paul C
    Paul C8 orë më parë

    This has this 90's vibe we old heads have been missing!!

  • A.K. DaBeast
    A.K. DaBeast8 orë më parë

    Man, Dancing in your living room is hard.

  • Crybaby
    Crybaby8 orë më parë


  • Toby Faulkner
    Toby Faulkner8 orë më parë

    What Minecraft parodies did to me: SO WAY BACK IN THE MINE

  • Nichole Gold
    Nichole Gold9 orë më parë

    This is where I fell in love with black men #blacklove

  • Clare Rice
    Clare Rice9 orë më parë

    I dont mind best song

  • Rachel Gytaki
    Rachel Gytaki9 orë më parë

    His voice is amazing👍😍 but slowed is so much sexier and cool

  • Ulices Bamaca
    Ulices Bamaca9 orë më parë

    Anyone here give Her Bright Skies a try??