88-Year-Old Grandma Unboxing Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch

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Gran answers your questions and then opens her new gift, the Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition Nintendo Switch. We take a look at her setting up her new villager and choosing her island.
Animal Crossing Wrapping Paper by Agui: aguichart.storenvy.com/
Animal Crossing Keychains by DecodenD: www.etsy.com/shop/DecodenD
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    Updated the video description with links to significant contributors to this video, like the wrapping paper and keychains. Click "show more" and check them out!

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    Jeri Anne Maliwat

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    Omg i cry already

  • Jeri Anne Maliwat

    Jeri Anne Maliwat

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    Your grandma is just like i wanna cry omg

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    Scott Neff His video may have not been monetized or something like that.

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    phubans it’s inspiring ether ways if your old you can still be a gamer Granma

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    sebastian cassaretto

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    OMG your grandmom is so nice, I WANT HER TO BE MY GRANDMOM

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    She is so dang precious.

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    Pls youve got audie

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    I WANT A GRAN UPDATE 🥺 I hope she is loving this game

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    I smiled throughout the whole video

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    all hail gamer grandma. queen of all gamers

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    Awwwww this is is CUTE!!

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    This made me miss my grandma 😭

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    Can you really be a grandma if you don't "save the wrapping paper?"

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    wow at 80 good for you grannie

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    Omg I love this lady she is so sweet and kind and also so pure. But I just cant watch it its so pure I got an idea yeah ill be back I'm a gonna go watch some videos of people after getting their wisdom teeth pulled out

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    AND she got peaches?! She deserves them..

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    You should make her her on own ALlist channel

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    Hi its just me working at the office today I think so just tired and bored with work so I'll have to wait a few minutes before I can get her some stuff that she wants to do tomorrow morning and then I'll come back to work tomorrow

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    That was probably one of the most heart warming videos ever...Thanks!

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    She said It’s like a doll house? She’s probably gonna love the sims

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    This is so wholesome 💖💖

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    she is grinding for Raymond lol

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    She's look like so sérius 😐

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    how’s grandma’s island coming along?

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    came to say i just got audie yesterday, i’m very glad that i get to think of your grandma every time i open my island!!

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    This is very wholesome we need to see a update on her playtime

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    she has such wellkept teeth

  • Susan Owen
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    I'm 61 just got my first game..a Nintendo switch I got the coral pink with the animal crossing game. I love us to visit each island and help one another out. I'm hooked and loving the game. Grandma please add me as a friend please. My friend code is SW-6536-4218-1313

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    Oh I'm an Australian girl living in fla

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    Don’t forget to tell her that there is a character named after her.

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    I’m gonna get animal crossing today👍🏻🤟🏿

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    she designed her character just like mine 🥺🥺

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    audie i’ll send you a tee shirt 🥺🥺

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    I wonder if she will get the villager named after her

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    If her joycons start drifting just know Nintendo I will come after you.

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    PLEASE take care of her during this covid shit

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    Please make a video of her playing the game more live her so much

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    the grind continues..

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    Want to see any update on her new Island

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    How could people dislike this?

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    She literally got the exact same villagers as me

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    i’m honored to have the same name as this amazing person💗

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    This is so cuteeee! ;-;

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    This so sweet

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    One of the sweetiest unboxing ever. May God keep her alive and safe for you ❤️ as long as you want.

  • nikki blue
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    I found audrie yesterday and when I saw her I was like: omg it cant be. And I immediately invited her to my island so she will be moving soon🥰

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    This vid shows how much she loves animal crossing so and lm like her l love animal crossing

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    Whats your P.O. I'll send her a shirt lol😂😂 and no not fr

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    Add me pls 3308-4781-4552, reply with your friend code to add you (3DS)

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    You are the best Grandma EVER

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    Is she from Jersey? She sounds just like my grandma that lives in Jersey.

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    I also got Katt and peaches

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    i will gladly make her a t-shirt

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  • Nemmet X
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    "I don't want to rip it." AHHHHHH I CANTTTTTTTTT

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    I have Audi in my village actually!

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    at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1594">26:34</a> look at the top right one guess what that pond looks like

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    I love how wholesome this grandma is, mine is just yelling at me on how skinny i am

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    Gamer Grandma I love it 😃

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    Nintendo should sponder her... And give her a Bonus upgrade maybe 500k and every crafting manual?

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    Do you think she would like The Sims? I want to see her opinion on The Sims!

    BASTI JULIAN2 ditë më parë

    Seeing this 88 year old with ANCH Me be like: guess I need to stick with this pocket camp I have in my tablet

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    "Gamer Grandma"

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    we stan a gamer grandma (dunno if I used stan right)

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    I hope she doesn’t break the joycons

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    This is so wholesome and nice I could suffocate from it

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    i’m so happy nintendo added in audie after her, i love this 🥺💗

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    If anything bad happens to her oh the things I’d do

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    Oh my god I was just playing animal crossing and I was thinking about if your grandma had it or not and when I went onto ALlist this was the first video!

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    These were in my recommended and I’m satisfied. This is so wholesome! Especially because Nintendo made a whole new villager just for her! This is so cute!

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    "video games cause violence"

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    🥰 This made my day. I look forward to seeing Audie’s island after 3,500 hour. And kudos to Grandson 👏

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    Top ten wholesome videos

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    Hello im Dexter I have animal crossing new horizons too, your grandma has the same two strating villages as mine!

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    If you want Audie I can give you her for free! :))

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    so strange i was just thinking about your grandma's first video! very sweet of you to do this for her!

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    I being playing my animal crossing being posting my vid on my page too i hope you have many years of joy out of the the switch animal crossing love to see

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="627">10:27</a> is when the unboxing starts

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